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Lttlefoot 970

I never played Vulcan Coverup when it was legal, and now that I need it, it has rotated out. Contract Killer can do a similar job in most cases, except for the requirement of having a Show of Force in your score area.

The basic way of doing some damage in this deck is to install a Contract Killer, play 24/7 to use the ability of Show of Force, which lets the ID put two counters on the Killer, then use the ability of Killer. But that's only 4 damage. Similarly if you have a rezzed Oberth protocol, you could score a Show of Force from hand by also casting a 24/7 that turn and doing 4 damage.

To get it more lethal, you either want the runner to run into a Psychic Field the turn before so you only need to do 4 damage (or 2 if you also cracked a False Lead that turn), or you want a scored Cleaners, or you want to use Media Blitz to copy the ability of Cleaners. Or you could try to get three triggers in one turn such as install Show of Force then use 24/7 twice.

Oberth is here to help you score your first Show of Force, it doesn't even need to be installed at the start of your turn (or, if it is installed but unrezzed, you can score Cleaners with it).

There is a mini theme of getting rid of the opponent's breakers with sapper / Will-o. This deck uses binary ice to give it space to set up the agendas needed to do damage, but they won't keep the runner out forever. All you can do is try to extend the time you have.