This is one of the strongest 3 / 2 agendas available and enables the never advance game in NBN. It enables additional shenanigans and is the only agenda that you can use to score and win the game, you need a lot of advancements (13 in total) and usually a tagged runner and Psychographics but it's possible. Hard-Hitting News might already activate it.
It encourages you to use scoring windows especially in the early game, you can score 3 points to reduce the number of agendas you need to score to 2 or in the late game you can use it to close the game. It also forces the runner to run even when they are not ready.

This agenda is called Global Food Initiative 4 - 6 in any NBN deck and this is true! You can install, advance, advance it and score it as a 5 / 3 agenda, while it's only worth 2 points to the runner. Truth is as well, this only counts 2 points to your 20 agenda points, so it's not a GFI in this regards, but on the other side you can also score it as a 3 / 2 and that makes it one of the most flexible agendas in any NBN deck.

If your opponent plays The Source it becomes a 4 / 2 but at the same time it remains a 5 / 3, as you get a counter for every advancement over 3! This is also true for all the other 3 / 2 like Project Vitruvius, Project Atlas and Braintrust


It's like Donut Taganes for the Corp!

What's that you say? "Who's Donut?" "I've never seen that card before?" "Why would anyone play that card?"

The third question answers the first two. The fact is, operations and events are pretty dang important. Very few decks make their economies work without any form of burst econ, or sneaky one-use tricks.

Which, maybe, makes this card a little more viable? If you play Rolling Brownout, and the runner plays an event, then the net impact is that you are down 1 credit and the runner is down 1 credit as well. If they play two events on two turns, then you've broken even and the runner is down 2. Which is...maybe acceptable?

Of course, the runner could simply not play an event until they bust the current, in which case you are just down 2 credits. And to make that happen you had to run a deck with very few operations, a risky proposition against any runner who likes to hit HQ and trash stuff.

But it's one influence, I guess? In case you wanted to play this bad card somewhere else?

I think my biggest problem with this card is that it's competing for the "econ denial current" slot with Scarcity, Service Outage, and Manhunt. I'm only going to pick one for my deck, ya know? —

So, NEXT Ice has never been bad. Maybe it's never been great. But it's never been bad.

4/2 agendas have never been great. Sometimes they've been okay. But they're competing for deck slots with 3/2s, and while many 3/2s have rotated out (ding dong the witch is dead) the Projects are still kicking. A 4/2 agenda, therefore, needs to offer some compensation if it's stolen (like Explode-a-palooza) or some benefit if you score it (like Corporate Sales Team).

NEXT Wave 2 gives you...a brain damage. One. If you have NEXT Ice rezzed. That part's easy, honestly.

Or, it would be, if NEXT Bronze hadn't rotated out. Seriously, the whole point of NEXT ice is to be cheap, abundant, and self-reinforcing, so losing the only 2-cost ice in the suite is a bit of a punch in the genitals.

So instead of having easy fodder, you're now trying to work with NEXT Silver, which is alright, NEXT Opal, which is pretty much just bad, and NEXT Gold, which super expensive.

The core problem here is that doing 1 point of brain damage, by itself, isn't going to win you the game. It makes any future flatline easier, but only NEXT Gold has that potential in the required ice mix you have to run for this card. You could pair it with other brain damaging (or pseudo-brain damage like Self-Destruct Chips) to choke the runner's hand down. But generally, brain damage isn't a win condition.

So, to make this card work, you have to run an ice suite that isn't very good, score an agenda that could've been a Project Vitruvius, in pursuit of a win condition that doesn't really exist.

All I have to say, is that the next NEXT ice had better be good if this is going to see play post-rotation.

If you IAA this, you can play Defective Brainchips before you score it and get TWO brain damage. C-C-C-COMBOO!!! —
The upcoming NEXT Sapphire is like a non-deflecting Miraju with some archives recursion tossed in, so NEXT's future isn't looking too bad. —

On the corp side, the economics here are pretty clear. Let's assume, for now, that the runner doesn't want to trash their stuff.

  • If the runner has 1 card of a given type installed, there's no point in playing this, since it costs you +2 and you only get back 2.

  • If they have 2 cards of a given type, you are spending +2 and getting back 4. That means, you're spending a card and a click to get 2 credits. That's worse than a Beanstalk Royalties.

  • If they have 3 cards of a given type, now it looks okay. You're gaining a net +4, which is the same as a Hedge Fund, with only a two credit investment instead of five.

Anything above that, and this card starts to look really good, offering a significant amount of burst economy for a very low investment.

But, there are two catches. The first is that the runner has to have at least 3 cards of the same type installed for this to be worth playing, and realistically you're hoping for 4. In the late game, this is easy--most runner have at least a killer, a fracter, and a decoder, and unless they're running hardcore event econ they probably have a handful of resources as well. But this means that Biased Reporting can't fire until the late game, which is a disaster if you get it in an early hand and have to patiently wait.

The second catch is the option for the runner to trash their stuff. Now, most of the time, the runner isn't going to want to trash a card for 1. That's a pretty bad deal, especially if the cards in question are their key breakers or economy cards. But, trashing a card to gain AND deny the corp 2? Suddenly, that's a 3-credit swing, and more importantly, it keeps the corp poor. In the extreme case, the runner could clear their entire board, making this card a 2% loss for the corp instead of a gain.

This means that Biased Reporting is never going to be the card that enables a last-ditch effort. If you are sitting on 2 credits and just need a couple more to win, then unless you can bluff the runner out super hard, it's game over.

Overall, not a bad card, and against decks that go all-in on a particular type of gear (Off-Campus Apartment decks, or basically any Hayley deck) it can be an insane value. But it seems like a card you run as a 1-of or 2-of, to reduce the risk of drawing it at a bad time or in a bad matchup.

This card has decent potential as a one-shot safety net. It's straightforward and maybe a bit expensive. It's a flexible but self-trashing Snitch. However, a certain card came out with synergy that makes it extremely powerful, and not many have realized it yet.


GPI's text is an interesting one in that both of its abilities are optional. On approach, you may expose approached ice (note: rezzed cards can still be exposed). You may then trash this to jack out. Most important to this, you don't need to activate the second sentence.

What this means for the turtle is that every single ice in a server, whether rezzed or not, charges a virus counter. You can get one per run bouncing off of something simple like an Ice Wall, or you can use other breakers and bypass effects to gain a counter for each ICE in a server (and then perhaps another from access). Even more ridiculous is that GPI isn't unique, so you can get 3 down and gain 3 counters per ice. The bounceback potential makes purging almost pointless, essentially negating Aumakua's weakness.

With how strong this combo is I fully expect GPI to get errata for uniqueness if it ever sees mainstream play. Until then, happy hunting!

EDIT: It's now clear to me that rezzed cards can't be exposed under the new rules, so it might only work for unrezzed Ice. We might need a dev ruling to clarify this, as GPI will still attempt to expose a card even if the ICE is rezzed, and it has potential to change the game state.

You can't expose rezzed cards with GPI Net Tap. It's decent synergy, sure, but it will do nothing if ice is rezzed. —
Thanks for the heads-up, I hadn't read the new specifications on exposing. —
Even if expose rezzed cards doesn't work, I never thought about running more than one GPI. That's a lot of turtle counters. —
Indeed, if the corp can't rez ICE it'll become a big liability really fast. Furthermore the approach trigger is before the run-standard jack out window so if the corp has a weak ICE on outside and an unrezzed ICE behind it they're in trouble. If FFG gives a ruling confirming no turtle trigger on rezzed ICE, I'll edit the review to remove rezzed references and go over how similarly busted it can be just with unrezzed (and derez). XD —