Gbahali is the counterpart to Kongamato, with its only differences being that it hits the last subroutine rather than the first, and that it costs one more credit to play.

You play both in the same way - either drop it on the turn you need to access something to bamboozle the Corp, or leave it on the board as a threat to force them to ice more aggressively.

I think Gbahali costs the extra credit because there's more ETR subroutines in last position than first? Enigma comes to mind, and I vaguely recall a bunch of Jinteki ice that has "Do X damage" and "End the run" as their two subroutines.

At any rate, both Gbahali and Kongamato are excellent cards that can squeeze you through a stack of ice in a pinch.

Kongamato is a wonderful resource that acts as a powerful access-enabling tool. It's cheap to install, free to use and doesn't care about ice type. Of course, it's only good against certain pieces of ice.

I find there's enough use cases for it to be worth including, since you can always use it to save money in the worst case.

It's also virtual, which means it's usable in the tentacles of Our All-Consuming Overlord! You can use it for its intended purpose, or if you don't need it you can ID it and sell it to Aesop or your pet bug.

Similar to Test Run, Compile lets you get programs from your stack/heap at a fixed (lower) price.

The main benefits of Compile over Test Run is that it's a run event, and the program tutor is delayed until you hit encounter ice. This gives you the freedom to make an educated choice on what to pull, and under certain circumstances, it might dissuade the Corp from rezzing any ice at all!

Compile has a bad interaction with Femme, who can't bypass the first piece of ice, since you have to encounter the ice before Compile's tutor activates. For any ice other than the first, she works fine though.

Notable differences to Test Run:

  • the tutored program goes on the bottom of the deck, not the top
  • the program vanishes at the end of the run, not the end of the turn

You can do some fun things with non-breaker programs like SMC and Grappling Hook. I'm sure there are other candidates for shenanigans in this direction; I can't think of any others at the present time.

Overall, where Test Run is great for banking up and finding stuff you plan on keeping, Compile's flexibility gives you a bit of push power to get into servers you couldn't normally reach. It's best suited for programs that trash themselves or conditional breakers.

If you build a deck with Trupano and Hivemind, you could melt an ICE while running —
Trypano, I mean —

A local player convinced me to slot two of these in my current Shaper deck, and despite the hefty influence cost, it's proven to be worth it.

It's a single-use "let me get through this ice" resource, which gives you a huge amount of threat power. It plays out a bit like a reverse Nisei MK II, weirdly enough!

In particular, blowing this up in the middle of a Marathon still lets you claim the click from finishing your run, since Logic Bomb clears during and Marathon rewards you at the end.

Getting it out early, along with something like Laamb, makes the Corp very very sad. And really, isn't that our goal as Runners?

If you're playing this in shaper, definitely run Reclaim to recur it. —

Laamb has replaced both Battering Ram and Morning Star in my Modded Shaper deck, and it's been an absolute superstar.

First, it's a really strong fracter by itself. It has Morning Star's "break any number of subroutines" quality of life, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Its boost cost is high, but when paired with cards like Dinosaurus, you can both offset its cost and save money on how often you have to boost it.

Additionally, and I think this is its real strength, it's got a sort of "soft AI breaker" effect to it, where you can smash a non-barrier once per turn (without catching the attention of our stabby friend). It's a super strong effect that really shines in the earlygame where you don't have to plow through mountains of ice, and it sometimes forces the Corp to ice a bit harder than they'd like.

All in all it's a solid breaker, easily my favourite fracter in Modded so far.

You know what else is popular in Modded because of Laamb? Wall of Static ;) —