Absolutely awesome against resources like loaded Net Mercur or The Turning Wheel; if the runner takes the tags, the resource can be trashed (though Fall Guys may make this harder). If it’s returned to grip, the hard-won counters are lost.

This review isn't an actual analysis - I believe the other reviews sum up Kabonesa's potential quite well.

What I do want to point out is the return of the "Panda Perpetrator" (yes, I just made that term up) we first saw in Record Reconstructor and then Data Breach and that we get to see again in the spoiled card Because I Can from Kitara's 4th datapack The Devil and the Dragon (will link when available).

What is the story behind Kabonesa and her animal alter-ego? Is it as black-and-white as NBN will make it out to be? And the most important question of all, when can we expect Princess Space Kitten???

I believe it was first seen in the art of Record Reconstructor. —
Man that card is so bad I totally forgot. Thank you, I have edited accordingly! —
So one thing we know about the image is that it appears on worse version of other cards... —
As long as we are offering minor corrections to what is otherwise a very good review, I would point out that Kabonesa Wu's animal calling card is a civet, not a panda. —
Another fun Wu fact is, that we've seen Wu in flavour text on Lean and Mean (and on picture). Also on DareDevil and Network Exchange —
@Sanjay My mistake, that animal was not in my diction until today! Although I have to admit, "Civet Criminal" is a bit misleading for Ms. Wu haha —

SSL Endorsement joins the short list of agendas which offer an ability (passive or active) to the corp while they're in the runner's score area (15 Minutes, Global Food Initiative, Medical Breakthrough, and yes, even Merger). However, this new 5/3 might be compared most to Corporate Sales Team for its similar drip economy (CST's 2 per round for 5 rounds vs. SSL's 3 per round for 3 rounds).

Yet, I would beg to differ that SSL Endorsement is even better given it doesn't have GFI's pip of influence or CST's lack of working in the runner's score area. In addition, the agenda lets you choose which turn you want to take the credits on which can help you recover if you're expecting to get Sipho- I mean get your funds diverted.

Overall, this is a good, if not great, 5/3 neutral agenda. Time will tell if it joins Global Food Initiative at the top in popularity. Do note that this is just another card Film Critic laughs in the face of since it will place 0 on SSL Endorsement when it moves to the runner's score area.

Just want to add that we might need clarification on 24/7 News Cycle's effect on this agenda. Being able to sacrifice a 1-pointer for 9 credits is Data Dealer all over again! —

The powerlevel of this card may just be a little over the top, but maybe thats exactly what Glacier needs.

1 rez, 5 trash is comparable to e.g. Jeeves Model Bioroids, which as well can (combined with other cards and actions) result in some serious tempo gain and thus often is a must trash. It's an asset though.

Combined with the already powerful Ultraviolet Clearance and Violet Level Clearance , Jinja City Grid allows for clickless install of all the ice you draw, on up to 4 ice deep servers for free. This card is not unique so you can install one in HQ, R&D and your remote. This way abusing the clearances becomes possible for all (HB-) factions, not just Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers.

Long story short, in combination with massive card draw effects Jinja City Grid is a huuge boost to Glacier style decks. These decks excel in taxing runners out. Add in a little Bryan Stinson, who really pushes those clearances over the top and you got yourself a tier 1 Glacier deck.

Runners beware you will have to deal with not only horizontal but also vertical spam in the near future (looking at you Anarch).

This will create some out of control servers. 5 ICE deep servers for free. A savings of 9 credits after factoring Jinja's rez cost. And since the credits aren't recurring credits, you can do this very fast. The price of course is giving the runner full knowledge of the ICE installed. —
Full knowledge means nothing when the tax is real. This out of ASA (with tons of upgrades as I've been playing it) will be tough to deal with. —

Interesting ice because unlike most other ice its bite is not in setting back the runner but advancing the corp. Losing a is annoying but expected against HB. Giving the corp 2 extra clicks in a turn, provided the corp has some credits, is a massive risk of moving the game 1/3 of the way toward a corp win (4/2 score). Despite being utterly porous this is ice that a runner, outside of hail-mary runs, has to break.

A 6 4 strength code gate is a bit on the expensive side. For comparison Fairchild 3.0 is 6 for 5 strength (and one extra sub). That makes it a bit hard to justify putting in Nightdancer unless you have some backup plan to make sure the subs fire, such as Marcus Batty, or if you have a way to reduce cost like Jinja City Grid (from the same set). Note that because Nighdancer is not a bioroid the usual HB tricks for rezzing ice (Awakening Center, Bioroid Efficiency Research, Howler won't work.

Jinja Grid will only help with the install cost, not the cost of rezzing it. —