With Medium out of the picture, Shapers are once again the kings and queens of R&D pressure, post rotation. The Maker's Eye and Indexing, Equivocation, and more obscure ones like Maya and Mirror are all cards which give them the tools they need to dig deep for those agendas. And now they have ANOTHER card to reward them for it.

At 0 credits to install, Upya gives you incredible value as you get rewarded for just accomplishing your game plan. It can essentially pay for itself within two turns of running and it forces a response from the corp unless they dont care about your extra clicks. It being only 1 MU is nice too. And because the counter gain effect isn't once per turn, you can start building up clicks at a consistent rate.

It is definitely a "win more" card, not needed in most decks, and probably best in (gimmicky) combo decks. But if I saw a runner install this as a the corp, you better bet I would sweat a bit. And install another ice in front of R&D...


One of the most interesting and gutwrenching cards to come out in a while, Scorched Earth in asset form and a real ticking time bomb. My inner sadist already loves this card.

While seemingly overpowered, giving 4 meat damage for a measly 1 credit and click, without the need for an agenda to have been stolen or a tag, there are a couple of facts which balance it out. First off, unless the runner has a lower hand size or managed to not draw up during their previous turn, this can never be a kill by itself and will need additional support. Secondly, it has a pretty hard counter in the form of Political Operative, a card at 1 influence and answer to lots of corp cards. And thirdly, the runner will always have 2 turns to run and trash it after it is rezzed. This sense of urgency will create tense and dare I say fun situations where runners will have to be on their toes and think about whether they can afford to go into an expensive server to trash it, or whether they will have to brace for impact.

It has the potential to be meta defining and maybe it will prove too broken. But right now think it will give rise to even more tense games, which I love in Netrunner.

I've been seeing this a lot on Jnet and as a runner I am yet to have one fire on me - I've always managed to trash it before it hurts me. As such, it's effectiveness outside of a deck that is built purely to protect and fire it, is questionable. BUT, what it does do is force you to run... It's 4 meat damage is almost secondary to it's ability to raise the runners blood pressure n make the tackle a potentially nasty server of ice and upgrades. I love the psychology this card adds. At the moment I see it as a very welcome addition. —

Is your rig missing Akamatsu Mem Chip and does Dyson Mem Chip not quite do it for you? Fear not, friends, cause there is a new chip in town!

The link received from Dyson has always been nice for the NBN match up but with Akamatsu gone it is also the cheapest way of getting extra MU if you already have a console. At 3 credits, Cyberdelia is the same price as Dyson and also gives one MU. Not only that, by giving you credits for something you were likely gonna do anyway, it pays for itself in no time. And that is not even considering it is a perfect target for Modded, so it becomes even better.

Smoke will love this card as she can break ice super efficiently and her biggest weakness is lack of "real" credits. Big rig shapers will also like this. Too bad Kate is no longer with us. At 3 influence it is not easy to splash, so time will tell whether other factions include this. All in all, a great card which fills a nice design space.

It's basically a Akamat Cyberfeeder —
It's basically a #Akamatsu Mem Chip and a #Cyberfeeder rolled into one. —

The SanSan City Grid for a post rotation game. Way more fair but definitely playable and could easily become a staple in NBN decks so they can fast advance again. Decent rez vs trash cost, not susceptible to Political Operative and can still be countered by classic anti-FA tools (looking at you, Clot)

Between Sansan, Breaking News and Astro it is becoming more clear as time goes on why so many people still hate yellow to this day. I see this card as a great compromise and a perfect way to herald a new age for FA in NBN. May it never be as disgusting as before.


This card is one of the most powerful econ cards in the core set, as it' unlimited economy and this is quite rare. It's nick name is MOpus and is currently on the restricted list. On the other hand it comes with the costs of 2 MU. When you don't have your console you can't have all 3 breakers out, exception is you are Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind this plays out nice in the revised core set. There are more and more consoles out that provide +2 MU, making running MOpus not such a big commitment.
When you play Magnum Opus you want to get it down Turn 1, so it's usually slotted with Self-modifying Code (install SMC, credit, credit, install MOpus, click MOpus) and often you also see Modded as it reduces the install costs significant. So running MOpus means usually mulligan for it.
With this card out, it's hard for the corp to compete the money game and often this is used for remote camping. So you are running every card installed in a remote and otherwise just click for credits. So it becomes hard for the corp to score an agenda in a remote.
You need to compare MOpus to other econ cards like Armitage Codebusting & Liberated Account and of course clicking for credits. Compared to clicking for credits (counting the install) it pays out at click 7 assuming you have the credits to install it. Compared to Armitage it will have the same efficiency at click 11 and compared to liberated at click 12. After 20 clicks the lead is:

  • Clicking = 20 creds
  • Armitage = 24 creds
  • Liberated = 25 creds
  • MOpus = 33 creds

so you need to click MOpus a lot to make it worth playing. When you install another Liberated fast, the difference is not so significant. It also increases it's use when combined with Beth Kilrain-Chang as another click means you can click it one additional time per turn.

On top, MOpus can be protected by Sacrificial Construct and as currently most decks rely on resources it's not effected by Scarcity of Resources.

When running MOpus you usually can trash every asset installed naked like PAD Campaign so preventing the corp from getting the econ advantage.