Annoying asset that advances your gameplan if it goes by unnoticed

Offers no points to the runner

Can be used as bait to create a tagging situation


Costly for only 1 point, 4 credits and 4 clicks is close to the effort of a 3/1

measly 1 trash can easily be paid for by most runners

Overall, a really annoying card for asset spam decks and those that want to score points without the risk of agenda theft

There's two themes for Sovereign Sight.

  1. AFRICA!!!!

  2. TIME BOMBS! Assets that aren't threatening as soon as they're rezzed, but they will have bad consequences for the runner if they're not trashed by the next turn (or so). Sovereign Sight includes four: Gene Splicer, Echo Chamber Urban Renewal, and (possibly) Reconstruction Contract. There are, of course, numerous other examples in Netrunner (Ronin comes to mind) but to have FOUR in one set seems to be pointing to a theme.

None of these are Haas-Bioroid.
However... Asa Group: Security Through Vigilance allows you to both install a time bomb, and protect it with ice in the same action, allowing you to install and protect two time bombs in the same turn, each in its own server. This means that, until your time bombs go off, you have a pretty good idea of what the runner is going to do.

  1. Do whatever it takes to defuse them. Which means you have a pretty good idea of what they're going to do for the next few turns.
  2. Let one or more of the bombs go off. Which means points. Or damage. Or both.

Either way, you MESS WITH THEIR MIND!!!

You can't do two separate servers: gotta be the same one. Still, quite a powerful card. I'm imagining it more in rush decks, though. —
Click one: install a time bomb with an ice, click two install a time bomb, click three install an ice. —
Anyone know if Asa Group's ability can be used on the runner's turn as well? Since it says "each turn" and not "your turn"? —
It's the same 'the first time you install a card each turn' trigger that ETF had, so yeah, it can be used on both turns. Ultraviolet into Assembly Line into Asa trigger on your turn, discard, Assembly trigger into Asa trigger on runner turn -> install all the cards xD —

Every pack has a card which just feels very bland. Which pushes no envelope and while it might see some play, is just not sexy. Najja 1.0 is that card for Sovereign Sight.

This is the exact same effect as the now rotated Eli 1.0, while being 1 credit cheaper to rez (2 vs 3). Coincidentally (or not) it is also 1 cheaper to break with golden boy Paperclip, while still being porous.

As a cheap barrier it does its job fine, having another bioroid is always nice and it does compare very favorably to Eli's older brother. But other than that, this card does not get me excited.


Eli 1.0, anyone?

Najja 1.0 is the new HB bioroid barrier that fills in the gap left behind by Eli for a cheap, strong barrier bioroid.


2 cost, 2 strength, 2 subroutines. Paperclip will always break for two (most barriers break for 1 less than their rez

2 Influence means it can be splashed reasonably into other factions, but I don't think they will use it as much as Eli.

Can be used in Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow to rez other bioroids cheaply


is a bioroid, so don't count on this stopping them outright, although 2 clicks is still a reasonable tax

Overall this bioroid will be a welcome addition to any HB deck desperately in need of a cheap, good barrier instead of relying on things like Eli 2.0 and Heimdall 1.0.

This card is exactly what Weyland needed. A thug ith a baseball bat smashing the runner's fingers saying, "No!" after they trash your Multibillion credit mining industry. Seriously, this card is great. Punishment has always been a concept trodden lightly upon, but never really explored. We got Hellion Beta Test in Flashpoint, which was a good start, but I think this card is even better.


costs a mere 1 credit to use

Does not rely on tags or other prerequisites other than a trashed card, which is very easy to arrange

Does not give Bad Publicity or require a successful trace like Hellion Beta Test

Can cause a chain reaction effect if used to destroy memory giving consoles. Additionally, many runners throw away their extra copies after they've found one, this could make that a painful mistake

Multiple copies can utterly destroy a runner's boardstate. Taking the hit from one copy leaves the open for punishment by another


Removes itself from the game, but I doubt you'd need to recur it

Nullified by Sacrificial Construct

4 meat damage seems like a huge setback, but some runners would rather take the hit and can even benefit them if they are running I've Had Worse or Clan Vengeance

Overall I think this is an excellently designed card that will find its way into many Weyland decks running high-priority assets or upgrades

Can't be nullified by sacco —
Okay, now that I am on something that won't post my comment before I finish writing it, It can't be blocked by SacCon. The runner is given a choice: Trash that card, or take 4 meat. If they trash the card, then prevent the trash with SacCon, then they didn't trash it and as such, they take the 4 meat. —
You CAN use SacCon to prevent the trash. Same reason you could prevent the Data Raven tag with Decoy / NACH. But it is easy to get confused with "additional cost" rulings of Obokata and Ben Musashi. —
I asked ANCUR on Twitter for a clarification of the point about SacCon and Wake Up Call: —