Can't help but feel like Degree Mill's defensive protection isn't as strong as it seems. The main problem is that the Runner gets to decide which cards to shuffle back. Best-case scenario, you force the runner into shuffling back the first few things they installed (a console or Mopus perhaps) to prevent you from being at game-point. But the expected case will often be runners sending back SacCons, extra Rabbit Holes, even Tapwrm. And it can get even worse when a runner shuffles back a depleted Armitage, Liberated, D4v1d, etc. to be installed and re-used again.

I agree that this 5/3 is excellent when scored in the early game but it definitely weakens as the game goes on. Yes, it's nigh unstealable turn 1 but are you really going to IAA it and leave your centrals open? This has a place, for sure, in NBN rush decks like what we can expect from the new Azmari EdTech. Overall though, I think Global Food Initiative reigns supreme as the better defensive option and SSL Endorsement for a more consistent tempo swing.

It's fantastically defensible on the first turn, demanding at least three of the runner's clicks to steal it. In fact, unless they're Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar, Apex: Invasive Predator, Adam: Compulsive Hacker, or have Mass Install(???) they straight up can't steal this on their first or second click. Put it behind a Jua or Data Loop and make the poor runner's hand and board state disappear. No amount of sacrificing cards can prevent it. Barring an appearance from the Witch in Green, it will be a tempo hit for the runner, and for those that run lean with only a few important installs, this thing will be disastrous.

Excellent defensive 5/3. Expect to see this, and subsequently FC, everywhere in the near future.

Adam could also steal it on his first click if he was okay with losing his directives. —

Do you like to rush? Do you like control? Did you like the card Targeted Marketing, but instead wanted it in ID form, and arguably just as strong? Have we got an ID for you!

Enter the newest NBN ID, Azmari Edtech. It's great. I love it. I think you will too. Check it out:

-40 card minimum which means this thing is meant to go fast, and it definitely can.

-15 inf despite what I think is a pretty bonkers ability, so can we get a heck yeah.

-Sure, it may not get you 10 credits all at once like TarMar, but how often did you get that anyway? With all the good runner currents and recursion, probably not often. But even with limited testing, I can attest that this thing fires a lot, and still manages to make the runner install cards before they'd like to, or hesitate to install cards they should. So you get money and control, rather than just the momentary control and zero credits that TarMar often gave you.

-Synergizes with Scarcity of Resources in an incredibly nasty way. Pretty much every runner deck in the game tends to use at least a couple of resources (and some people use a ton), and by attaching a four credit swing to the first one each turn, you turn it into the most unattractive option imaginable. Or just slap down a Scarcity and name event--Or program if they're running Mopus--and make every single source of liquid credits demonstrably worse.

-Also synergizes with Death and Taxes, for very similar reasons to the above. Cover all your bases, while making certain actions horrific!

-The econ this ID guarantees allows room for more expensive ice (I'm looking at you Tollbooth) or expensive but powerful FA cards, like Calibration Testing and Biotic Labor. Or both!

-The effect is around the entire game (barring an Employee Strike), and can fire on both their turn and yours. This is nuts. Sure, you get to make that Hayley's remote run more painful because installing her Cyber-Cypher got you two creds, but you get another two when she installs Clot on your next turn too. Eat it Artist Colony!

If you're like me, the side of NBN you've always loved was its ability to use painful methods of resource control to make the runner's life an absolute nightmare. And, well, this is what we've been waiting for. Sleeve up, and teach them a painful lesson in challenging yellow.



Do you hate turtles? Are you scared of new cryptocurrency traders spreading viruses? Do you hate coagulated liquid? Then, this is the card for you. Purge the runner’s virus counters and remind them that they aren’t the only one that can trash cards.

Gross 2 savings to purge virus counters, net 1 savings after factoring in the card.

Never a dead draw, as the card provides a “Gain 2-credit” option to use in matchups where you expect no or few viruses. Very reminiscent of what we see from Infiltration, which ironically was used most against Jinteki back in the Core Set days.

A single dot of influence will help other corps splash this with great ease and the 0-credit play cost means the card can be played even after your funds have been diverted.


Definitely a meta call. Deck slots are and always will be tight. Slotting in a x1 means you want to use it for maximum value but how long will and can you wait before the runner’s viruses make you really hurt?


Many will notice that this card is a juiced-up, re-printed Cyberdex Trial with an additional dot of influence. Reverse Infection was likely printed in case the upcoming Freedom virus decks do in fact get out of hand. Personally, I’ve already faced a Darwin-Datasucker-Yusuf-Acacia-Plague deck and let’s just say there was a point where I purged and the runner collected 30 credits from each of their Acacias. Obviously, this was their best-case scenario but the archetype is scheduled to pick up a lot of new toys in the killer/decoder versions of Yusuf as well as the new Friday Chip. Regardless, this card is solid even as a Clot hate card (if you have the extra to spare) but make sure to give it a thought as to whether you will be getting the maximum value from slotting this.

*sigh* Crypto doesn't refer to crypto currencies. Kids these days. —
Thanks for fixing my oversight! I had a feeling I was misreading that one. Have to admit though, it's much harder to satire crypto-anarchy though lol —

"For when you absolutely, positively, have had enough of freakin asset spam."

The main reason asset spam has often been at the forefront of the meta for the past couple of years, was because of the inherent tempo their horizontal tactics gave them. While there have always all kinds of tools to get money and cards, there never has been a way to get enough clicks to both set up AND check every remote. And because of this, runners lost a ton of tempo checking and getting rid of assets which consistently cost more to trash than rez. It was either that, or forfeit the econ game to the corp.

And now in comes Marathon across the finish line. An event which does not trash itself, allowing you to keep playing it. This was you have all the clicks you need. Corp spends 3 clicks to make 3 new remotes? Play this and start your turn with 3 less credits, but still at 4 clicks and a lot wiser about the board state.

This card becomes absolutely bonkers when combined with other support. Got 3 Aeneas Informants on the board? Every run now nets you a 2 credit profit, provided the remote did not contain a must-trash asset. If you have the turtle out you get a juicy counter too. Very situational (janky?) but If you play By Any Means and Paparazzi you even get to clear every remote the corp has for free, provided you can afford playing this card over and over.

Is this card universally useful? Definitely not. The greatest weakness of this card lies in that it is match-up specific. If you are facing Glacier this card is completely useless. Even against decks which rely on a couple of remotes, this card is nothing spectacular. Also, good thing they made this 5 influence, because Anarchs (cough) did not need this card the way Shapers did. And another slight caveat, if the corp manages to make the run unsuccessfull by blowing up the server, the card trashes itself as you need your run to succeed.

But yeah, don't let that cute artwork fool you, Marathon is an absolute beast of a card.

Did you mean to link Self-Destruct where you linked Cyberdex Virus Suite? The latter won't trash Marathon but will kill your Aumakua though. —
I like Kabonesa Wu's civet theme - we've seen her be Lean and Mean and now's she ready for her Marathon =D —
I think the link on CVS is on purpose. CVS is an example of a 'trash me at instant speed' card that allows to render the server nonexistent during the run, thus ending the run neither successful nor unsuccessful, effectively trashing Marathon. —
What Krams said. I don't knoe a lot of assets/upgrades from the trop of my head which can trash themselves at any time. —
Ah I see what you mean now. NGO Front is probably another great one! —
I'd say this card has potential in non Asset-Spam decks, too. Getting a click back for 1 credit seems not too bad. And in decks with more than 1 remote you still can get back Clicks for credits? —
And for even more fun add 3x Aeneas Informant —