As I said before in my review of AR-Enhanced Security, NBN's agenda's are all over the place. They used to have the best 3-2 AND 2-1 in the game, they still have arguably the second best 3-2 and 2-1 in the game, and some of their 3-1's are amazing,

And then on the other hand, they have incredibly lackluster 4-2 agendas, the archetype already akin to the last child chosen during PE. Escalate Vitriol, Character Assassination, Market Research... And now this.

The good: Free tags are always nice. Can potentially trigger every turn. Ken obviously hates this agenda, but he is not around much anymore. A decent deterrent against early aggression, if you score it fast. Stacks, so if by some miracle you score three of these, a Diversion of Funds or Maker's Eye now gives them three tags, which means it is probably not worth playing.

The bad: It's a 4-2.... Next.

Ok ok. Also, the tag will never happen on your turn, meaning the runner can just shake it off. Smart runners can easily play around this card by only playing run events if they are worth it, and installing their icebreakers on first click runs. Late game, this card is next to useless. Also, it has to contend with Corporate Sales Team, arguably the defacto 4-2, as well as NBN's strong agenda line up. And it just falls short on that front.

From a lore/mechanical perspective, this is a fun card. Turning runners into law-abiding citizens by punishing them for trying to get into servers. But it just isn't good enough to warrant a slot in competitive decks.


And here we are. The final Sunny card we will ever get. wipes away a few tears. Well, here we go :

Veteran Sunny players have always agreed on her issues. Mommy is a creeping juggernaut, with a late game feared by nearly every corp out there. The problem has always been getting to the late game. She lacked speed. Now, a shipment of doughnuts has arrived to change that.

Office Supplies is a draw and econ engine in one, and its value depends on your link. At cost 4, it is absolutely awful. But let's face it, this is a 3-influence link-dependent card. It won't see play out of faction, except maybe in Reina or 419 decks. No, this card has to be examined in Sunny, where you start at 2 link, meaning this card will only cost 2. When played for credits this is a worse Easy Mark, but 4 cards for two credits is decent value, considering often played cards like I've Had Worse and Deuces Wild. Sunny never lacks in money anyway, draw is what she needs.

And the numbers only get better from there. Install a Maxwell or Archivist, and suddenly you are looking at Diesel efficiency. And at 4 link, this card is essentially Sure Gamble without an entree fee, or a free mini Earthrise Hotel which is immune to Scarcity. 4 to 5 link is easily achievable and definitely the sweet spot in Sunny decks imo, as this synergises with Black Hat and Security Nexus.

The best thing is about this card is not its effect though, it is the influence it frees up. Just like Black Hat did with multi-access, this card is in faction draw (and econ, to a way lesser degree). This mean you can use your freed up influence for all kinds of sexy cards. The strongest plus of Sunny, apart from her link, is her 25 influence, after all.

Will this make Sunny top tier? No, probably not. But she has the tools she needs to be a strong deck, when piloted correctly. Depending on how the meta shapes up in the aftermath of R&R and a possible MWL, she might be a serious tier 2 deck, possibly 1.5. But even if she remains in obscurity, she will always be fun to play, especially now that her puzzle is complete.

I will always love you, Best Mum.

Great review. But the "entree free" mistake made me lol —
Whoops, haha. Nice catch :p My mind is too lyrical —
Played with it last night. The problem is that Sunny lacks momentum in the early game. This card does nothing for that. If you play it for cards you are drawing 4 cards but may well struggle to afford to play any of them. Playing it for money with just two link is a losing proposition. It's fantastic in the mid to late game when Sunny is already strong. In particular it's a good way to recover from going under 5 credits after an expensive run or to draw up for an Obokata. —

Zer0 is obviously great for self-damage decks. Not playing against thousand-cuts Jinteki or tag/bag Weyland? No problem! Just Zer0 to charge Clan Vengeance and ruin the Corp's day. Unlike previous self-damage options such as Amped Up, Titanium Ribs, Brain Cage, and Stim Dealer, Zer0 not only avoids the permanent repercussions of brain damage, it also lets you stay in the game by gaining 1 and 2 cards each time you click it. Brain damage also does not fire I've Had Worse, but Zer0 synergizes beautifully. Damage is of course dealt randomly, so just wait until IHW is the last card in your grip, click Zer0, and BOOM! 1 and 5 cards. This is one of the best single-click power-draw moves in the game right now.

It's 1 to install, is a piece of hardware so is generally safe from the Corp and won't cost you any memory space, and is NOT a console, so you can still one of those, if you're so inclined.

Influence is a bit steep at 3, so I don't really see this being played outside of Anarch. The self-damage archetype usually wants to run 3 IHW (2 inf each for a total of 6 inf), and it definitely will with Zer0 as they combo so well together. But, self-damage also generally wants at least one DDoS (3 inf each) to ensure they can get into Archives and get all those juicy agendas that were hopefully trashed after popping Clan V (another 4 inf each). Too much to export this game plan.

So which Anarch ID should you run this out of? MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock seems the best choice, as her self-trashing draw ability means you go in planning to miss a bunch of cards and have to recur them or use Levy AR Lab Access to start over. Self-damage is just another drop in the bucket for MaxX. I also enjoy the mirror image of MaxX's ability with Zer0's: trash 2 cards to draw 1, then trash 1 to draw 2. If you thought MaxX was fast before then you need to read the flavor text on her card again.

The only real downside to Zer0 is that you can only use it once per turn, and therefore can't go completely bonkers with Clan V immediately after installing it. This is probably good for balance, and it's also fun to watch the Corp squirm as you build up Clan V. The fact that it's unique and you can only have one installed at any given moment isn't really a negative - cards that are considered "dead draws" in any other deck just become more tinder for the fire in self-damage. Happy self-damaging!

Special shout out to Synthetic Blood, a resource that works well with the self-damage archetype, Zer0 specifically and has the exact right cost for Career fair. —
While I think everyone can agree this card is absolutely great in self-damaging decks, what about other Anarch decks? What are everyone's thoughts? I personally think given that IHW and the conspiracy breakers are such a staple that Zer0 still works well in any generic Anarch deck. —
I have been thinking about that. This card's effect is very similar to Professional contacts. You do need a bunch of redundancy to consider it, so it might be good in Maxx, or in a paige piper shell. —
Zer0 is wonderful with Titanium Ribs and some Synthetic Blood as the cherry on top of the cake! Helps draw pieces with so much control and powers up Clan Vengeance in no time. —

Oh my god, there's a goddamn black hat shape in the negative space between all the red error pop-up windows. How did I not see this sooner, how could I have been so blind?

If you run Black Hat, you won't be as oblivious as me, cus you'll get to see all the juicy cards in HQ or R&D. Or both if you're crazy.

So, first off, the flavor on this card is killer. The alias used by this runner is a reference to one of the oldest and most pervasive cons in the history of the Internet...the Nigerian Prince scam. That's right. We have a Nigerian criminal hacker who is, in essence, calling himself the Nigerian prince. Sick.

Mechanically, the base of his card is pretty boring. 45/15 deck limits, nothing fancy. He gets 1 to start with, which makes it easier to use cloud breakers or Security Nexus, if that is what you want. Nothing interesting to talk about.

So let's move on to his ability. The first time each turn the Corp installs something each turn, they have a choice; pay 1, or expose it to you.

Now, historically, pure expose effects haven't seen much play. Infiltration managed to survive the core set revision, which is strange, given how rarely it was used. No one ever uses the expose option on Deuces Wild. Lemuria Codecracker was a joke.

But this is a little disappointing because, in the game of bluffs and calls that Netrunner should be, knowing the difference between a Wall of Static and a Neural Katana is a big deal. Early game, when you don't have icebreakers, ramming a Wall is a cheap way to cost the corp some credits...but hitting a Katana without a killer means, at best, losing tempo to redraw the lost cards, and at worst you lose a key rig piece or die outright.

There was also a consistency issue. Late game, expose effects are not greatly useful; the board state is well established, you have your breakers. It's mostly only useful in giving you a way to dodge a Project Junebug bluff in their scoring remote, which many corp decks don't even use. So you don't want to put in too many expose cards. But putting in only a couple expose cards means not having them reliably when you need them early on.

But, 419 changes that. Now, expose isn't a thing you have to add to your deck. It's something you get by default, the whole game, at no cost, repeatedly. That is a terrifying amount of information. Knowing every trap the corp has laid down, knowing every ICE the corp has played, lets you make the perfect move every time.

So the Corp is going to want to stop you. And they can do this in two ways. First, they can install multiple cards in a turn. This is only somewhat effective, though; spending an entire turn to install only gives them 2 "invisible" cards and wreaks havoc on a lot of gameplans.

The other way is for them to spend 1. That doesn't seem that bad, does it? Here's the thing though. Doing that every turn absolutely kills a corp's economy. Remember the old HB core identity? It was easily the strongest ID in the faction because it generated so much freaking cash. So, inversely, losing 1 credit each turn you install makes a corp broke...which is exactly where Criminals want corps to be.

So, your corp can't just give out free information every turn, and they also can't afford to pay up every turn. So you need to prioritize. Give out some information, and keep the important stuff secret. Oh, but then you've just told 419 what stuff is important. After all, you wouldn't pay to prevent exposing a simple PAD Campaign or a Pop-up Window. So if you're hiding it, it must be valuable...or dangerous.

So far, though, I've just been describing a vanilla Criminal deck run in 419 instead of, say, Silhouette or Nero Severn. Where this gets bonkers is in the combos and support they added.

Aumakua becomes an insane AI breaker--with the amount of exposing you do, and the opportunity to bounce off un-iced remote assets, you can quickly get it to 3 or 4 strength, and cruise through low-strength ice until they purge. Falsified Credentials becomes another three Sure Gambles that can be played from 1 credit. Blackguard is okay, but is not as good as 419's own console Zamba, which is a respectable 4 for 2...and makes it so the corp has to choose between paying, and letting you get paid AND see their stuff AND buff Aumakua.

But you'll notice that while these abilities are all really strong, the combo pieces are all very simple, and there aren't that many of them. 419 has so much room to build his deck. He's strong, but versatile.

Hail to the Prince.

I used to think that the devs always kept the power level of Expose weak so that the bluffing element of the game would remain intact. Then 419 got printed... Of course there are still bluffs but the credit drain is brutal. I would make a big note of Corporate Grant which doubles down on the credit denial that 419 loves so much. —
Blackguard is, unfortunately, rotated. —
VERY good catch there. —
And then the flavor text... Good God, I gotta revisit my former opinion regarding this cycle. —
Counterplay to this guy: —
Psychic Field & It's a Trap! with the former being very splashable at 1 inf. —
Even besides random tech, the Corp controls which order their card gets exposed. If they don't have their Zamba out, let an upgrade or an asset be exposed that you were going to rez right away anyways. Otherwise, don't cheap out against 419. —
Psychic Field. Decline to pay 1, force the Expose, psi game for their whole hand. —