So far, I’ve been playing this card out of Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future and it is making me a lot of money. I also see potential synergy with Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon using must-trash assets. Here are some popular cards that I love seeing on the Runner side and how much they might make you:

Cards to Profit off of:




Common Self-Trashing Resources:


Even popular corp cards like MCA Informant, the Fairchild suite, and Bulwark, which make the runner trash their own stuff, will help trigger Death and Taxes.


  • The runner can immediately play a current from hand or go on a deep dig for an agenda, leaving you with a 2 loss

  • The card ironically doesn’t tax the runner like Scarcity does so a runner in a losing position won’t be affected

  • Conversely, a corp in a losing position can’t use this card to recover and would much rather prefer a traditional burst econ card

  • Border-line dead draw if found in the late game after the runner is fully set up

I won’t argue that Death and Taxes is as universally good as Paywall Implementation – profiting off of the runner’s most fundamental win condition (successful runs) will always be a strong ability. However, Death and Taxes can be good given the right build. Using Jua, Threat Assessment, and Degree Mill to force the runner to re-install their cards and then profiting from the recycling using TechnoCo and Death and Taxes feels deliciously evil and I implore you to try it out yourself.

If the sub fires, you're going to get a pretty strong effect - Flare is one of only 2 pieces of ICE that deals meat damage and Flare's meat damage is unpreventable (+ it ETRs). However, that's a big If and without an on-encounter effect like other high-rez NBN ICE Data Raven, Tollbooth, Data Loop, Data Ward, Thoth, IP Block, the 9 investment just isn't worth it, especially if it's only going to get broken for 1 by Mimic and 3 Datasucker tokens.

To be fair, I haven't seen Mimic in forever. Most anarchs nowadays run MK Ultra, which makes breaks this for 9, a fortune. They are better off letting this fire and hoping you don't boost the trace. Mongoose breaks it for 7, Na'Not'K for 7 as well unless the server is several ice deep. —
The weakest thing about it is the fact that it has a trace. If you are facing Sunny, Geist or Kim, this card gets progressively worse really fast —
The real enemy of Flare is Femme Fatale and D4v!d. It has been a while since I saw D4vid in play, but femme still sees regular play. I say you could risk playing this piece of ice in your tracer deck. That said, it is still a pretty expensive piece to rez. —

Looks like a serious earlygame detriment with easy recouping of costs if you're quick enough and can afford the server space. Additionally it combos well with any rig-tampering effects. I like it because it both taxes the runner and provides semi-consistent income.

I think I agree with this review. I'm currently trying a credit denial New Angeles Sol deck, and this may well fit in to it nicely alongside Scarcity of Resources. —
It's like Docklands Crackdown, only really good, instead of really crappy. —

So, I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about this ID when I first read its effect. Sure, it definitely sounded like fun, an ID which rewarded meta and deck knowledge. And as someone who has always played NBN both casually and competitively, I was looking forward to giving it a spin. But I had never thought this deck would have actual potential. And it has.

The ability is way more powerful than it seems at first. Most ID's considered amazing give a 1 credit discount/gain per turn. Some of these are even "banned" now. And Azmari gives you 2(!) free credits, without you having to do anything. But, I hear you say, the runner is the one who has control over whether you get your credits or not. The thing is, if the runner is going out of their way to play around your ID ability and deny you cash, they are very likely playing sub-optimally. The number of times I have seen runners drawing cards and clicking for credits like a common peasant for turns on end is mind-boggling.

Because of this, Azmari is a great deck to rush out agendas with, This is further helped by the small deck size. It is essential SYNC, combined with some of the control/glacier elements of New Angeles Sol and the speed of NEH.

So yeah, I love this ID. Just goes to show that NBN can still dish them out after having received a huge rotation blow.


LLDS Energy Regulator lets you prevent the trash for 3. With multiple Acacia out and lots of virus token generation, this can get out of hand very quickly.

Regardless, you need to have an outlet for the money you make. Gaining 6 for them purging your Aumakua doesn't help much if that's your only way in. However, pair it with other virus counter generation and classic breakers like Paperclip/Black Orchestra/MKUltra and you can use the credits to rebuild your counter pool (probably by making successful runs), making the purge moot, or at least buy you enough credits to breach their remote while you build them up some other way.

Important to note the synergy here with the virus breakers suite - Yusuf, Musaazi, and the decoder. Once those are all out along with Freedom, we'll really see how powerful Acacia can be. —