Weird ability aside, this will be the closest we get to a Quandary replacement. Yes, it’s no longer neutral and costs 1 more influence and credit but cheap gearcheck code gates are a much-welcomed addition given that NEXT Bronze is gone too and the next cheapest normal ETR code gate is Enigma.

First things first, this doesn’t work with Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved since Thimblerig's condition will trigger on-pass while Mti triggers on-server-approach.

Next, this also does not work with Code Replicator for the same reasons as Mumbad City Grid + The Twins. Check the MCG UFAQ on the ruling.

HOWEVER, the jank combos with Rover Algorithm are endless and can get out of hand off only a few runs. I, for one, am delighted that this good dog can learn a new trick.

Actually, the MCG/Twins rulings don't state that it doesn't work, just that you have to trigger them in the correct order. If you trigger Twins first, you have to deal with the ice again, then you can trigger MCG to swap ice. Given, how that server was constructed the second Twins question, there's no reason to expect MCG doing anything different than the answer clarifies. —

While Laamb received immense popularity from the moment it was spoiled, Engolo has not been on runner’s minds despite having arguably better numbers on it.

It’s easy to see why though – Laamb has everything necessary to being the perfect support breaker. It’s not an AI but acts like one, taking care of traps and surprise ICE. Its numbers are also consistent – you can always expect to pay 2, 5, or 7 to get through any ICE (unlike Inti or other Shaper fracters). Sure, Engolo is also a pseudo-AI but you aren’t paying the expensive install cost and 2 MU for just an AI when you can get Aumakua for cheaper. Engolo’s primary inhibitor from it seeing more play is the fact that it’s a good pseudo-AI but not as great a decoder as other Shaper ones. Laamb can handle double duty in this regard – a Shaper fracter and the pseudo-AI.

I’d like to give special mention to Kit though who can really make an Engolo deck work by being able to carve through any double-ICEd server with ease. As mentioned in the Laamb review, pair it with some Cyberdelia, maybe even Gebrselassie or Egret and you’ll be able to lock down any remote with ease.

I don't play Apex to win, I play Apex for the weirdness. In that vein, a massively important flavour note: the Baudot code on Reboot says "I LIVE AGAIN". Rather more positive than the Baudot code messages on Apocalypse and Harbinger.

Ten times more creepy, too! —

If you don't have any specific plan for your console, but need that extra 1 memory to run your whole program suite, this is probably the console for you. It pays for itself in three turns, provided you run, and then it also lets you filter out cards you don't need right away.

Other consoles might have more synergy with particular plans, but this one is likely never a bad choice.

I could see playing this with Oracle May, preferably in an event heavy deck. Nice console! —
Desperado in disguise? —

Seems FFG still didn't get the memo that Black Orchestra is omnipresent in the meta. I thought that after Sandman was welcomed with a collective 'eh', they learned that all the cool multisub code gates are strength 5+ nowadays. But now here is Peeping Tom anyway.

To be fair, this card is not nearly as bad as Sandman. First of, it costs 1 credit less while having 1 more strength, which is nice VS not-BO decoders. Also, it has end the run subroutines, always good to have on a code gate, meaning it is more like Authenticator. The issue is that, just like said ICE, the ETR is a lie. While often not advisable, the runner can always opt to take the tags and be on their merry way, if needed. For a runner going full tag me, this card is essentially porous.

And not only that, this card is entirely dependent on the runner's hand. While an educated guess can land you 2 or more subs if you know your opponent's deck, if you do happen to guess wrong at a bad time, this ice could end up being a blank 4-credit investment. At least it promotes remembering what is in your opponent's hand, a mechanic I have always enjoyed about card games.

Two additional pluses to end on a high note: it synergizes perfectly with Salem's Hospitality, so maybe play this in Harishchandra. And I would love to see someone use this ice against those Origami Wu decks, and have it end up with 10 subroutines. That would be hilarious.

I think you are underselling this a little bit. Even a single card turns this into a Hortum, which is already widely played. It's also an in faction ETR Code Gate for NBN, of which they only had what, Tollbooth? It's fairly affordable, comes with a free Snoop, and HPT/Market Forces already took care of Tagme. —