A very interesting ice, both in its subs and everything else. Let's take a look at it.

First off, the bad. It does not end the run and is therefore pretty porous. Not unheard of in Jinteki though. It also has a pretty respectable 8 rez cost, which means it has to be compared to DNA Tracker, an ice that has been a staple in Jinteki decks every since its release. Also, 4 influence, so pretty hard to splash.

That's it really. On to the great.

This card is up there with DNA Tracker, Komainu and Chiyashi as one of the absolute worst jinteki ice to face check. Not only does it give the corp a chance to stack R&D in their favor, it also deals 4 net damage. If you ever had any desire to just run servers without a sentry breaker against Jinteki (you brave fool), you should definitely reconsider.

The real kicker comes in the fact that the 3 net damage is not a sub, but an ability that fires IF the runner did not break every sub on this card. That is amazing, because while low on money the runner might be inclined to just let the corp draw one and/or take 1 net, and just break the R&D sub. But because of this, the runner really has no choice but to break this every time, unless they want to lose 3 cards every time they go through this.

Not only that, but some of the best ways to deal with expensive ice are ineffective against this card. Want to use Security Nexus? Take 3 net damage. Femme it to bypass? Take 3 net. Lustig? Take 3 net. Inside Job? To the heap with those cards.

And to add icing on the cake, this is not a "when encountered" ability, so Hunting Grounds does nothing against this,.

So what it comes down, is that there really is no cheap way to deal with this card. The only breaker that goes through this for a reasonable amount of money is Switchblade, a card never seen outside of Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net. So your options are paying through the nose to get past this, or lose a significant portion of your grip. Or use Golden to derez it, but then you're... playing Golden.

This card will definitely find a home inside of net damage decks, and become (nearly) as popular as DNA Tracker.

4 continues to be a very unlucky number for the Runner (Snare!, Neural Katana) while 8 is becoming more and more of a lucky number for the Corp (DNA Tracker, Anansi, Wall of Thorns). Coincidence? I think not. —
Also, 4 net damage if you faceplant a Cortex Lock with zero breakers! —
Just another card in the long-running joke that is A:NR. —
And shouldn't this be unique? —
Anansie: Stopping runner's hedonism (Just Because They Feel Good) since 1996. —

While Navi has always been a solid card, it suffered from the "good but not good enough" syndrome. It did work against some shapers and a few anarchs, but was still dead in a ton of relevant match ups. I think currently though, it deserves a second look, because of one major reason: Pirates.

Both the popular Pirate Hayley archetype and the equally relevant Geist, involve cards like Kongamato, Grappling Hook and Gbahali as the major ways to break through the corp's ice. Guess what they are not? Right, ice breakers. This card says "bollocks" to all that nonsense and requires these types of decks to break ice the old fashioned way, buying you some time or even giving you an opportunity to have them face plant into something nasty with no way to break it. Cards like Self-modifying Code and Datasucker are still as relevant now as they were two years ago, meaning this card can still put in work in a lot of match ups, even those without the aforementioned non-icebreakers.

Is this card an auto include? No, definitely not. It is still 2 influence, meaning it is hard to find a slot for multiples or even one outside of NBN. And it remains a very meta dependent card. And especially with 419: Amoral Scammer on the horizon, and with it Turtle and GPI Net Tap shenanigans, Underway Grid might be a better 'tech' region, especially considering its zero cost and influence. But I think it is a definitely worth a slot in Yellow if you want to keep pirates from boarding your ship.

Might I add it also prevents the runner from hiding behind a Caldera or Feedback filter, any damage prevention card in fact. —
Good catch, seems decent in Jinteki decks with Kakugo. —

I've always like Silhouette. As @Kikai mentioned, the 40 card deck size is rather rare and quite valuable, allowing you to get your essential pieces in play quickly. But I also really like her ID ability.

Expose is an underutilized mechanic. Deck slots are tight and there is often little or no room to include an expose mechanism. And many times that is fine. You may not need it every game. But often it is crucial. I've long had an issue with Mushin. The gamble this forces on the runner has tremendously high stakes. The corporation could score a Vanity Project next turn, or do four brain damage, or eight net damage. If any of these things happen, the corp has likely just won. High stakes are fine; that is often what Netrunner is about. But Mushin does this for free, while saving 2 s, and most importantly, can be done on turn one. Anyway, Mushin is mostly a dead draw versus Silhouette. A few corp decks revolve around Mushin as their sole win condition, so you may get an easy win in such cases.

Recent additions to the card pool have made her ability even more relevant. The biggest example is NGO Front. Glacier has become popular again thanks to cards like NGO Front and Jinja City Grid. Whether the runner takes the bait and wastes 15 s or not, the corp still profits. Knowing whether or not to commit to running at that huge server may end up saving you the game.

Everyone's favorite turtle is at home in most decks, but gets a nice boost in Silhouette. You will often end up scoring two counters on a successful HQ run. I'm not sure if she is holding Blackguard or Zamba or something else in her hands, but either synergizes nicely with her ability (with Zamba being far less janky). Both cards make her ability useful even if you don't find you need the extra info in a given game. I like to use a Sneakdoor to make those HQ runs easier.

Try her out. I think you'll find she does well in the current meta.

Everyone else has spoken already, but I want to join the praise. Kabonesa is very fun, very different kind of shaper -- regardless of her overall power (which seems high to me, but what do I know). Her innate, self-destruct-discount-tutoring opens up a range of cards that were previously seen as pretty unwieldy. While Self Modifying Code is obvious and an old standby, Customized Secretary gets a turn as a killer-ish app -- it's 1 credit! As others have identified, Origami and Ekomind have a reason to exist. This also might allow her to use some of the specialty breakers from Terminal Directive ( i.e. Adept and Savant )that require excess memory. Alternatively, she works well with her console Daredevil as 2 card infusion when running big servers can help get events into your hand. Otherwise, my challenge with Kabonesa memory limits when trying to install the trashable programs that install the programs you actually want -- although this can be overcome with careful planning.

So she's good at setting up -- but to be honest, many Shapers are good at that. What I have found to be so interesting about her is the speed at which she can recover. In a recent game, I wiped my whole rig out stealing a pair of Degree Mills. Next turn, after I summoned a Customized Secretary from my stack, I was back up and running. I feel that this supports her flavour/feel of a fast moving thrill seeker. If everything blows up on a run, oh well, I'll worry about that next turn.

ekomind and daredevil are both console tho —
Whoops good point. I will adjust. —

OK, first review so let's give this a shot :)

Takobi is a nice little support program that really caught my eye when the pack was first spoiled. Some players called it the Shaper's Datasucker card and that is the case but with notable differences. First off, the card can't be purged of counters since it gains power counters. The only main way to stop Takobi accumulating counters is to trash it. Takobi also does not gain counters on successful runs. It gains them as you break ice, and you have to break all subroutines to get a counter. So, for example you can't just break an Enigma on last click and save a credit if you want a counter - you need to break both.

Once you've broken all the subroutines on 2 pieces of ice, you can boost any non-AI icebreaker up by 3 strength during an encounter for 2 counters. The fun comes when you break all the subroutines on that ice. Yep, you get a counter back. So it starts to recharge itself after being used up. There's no limit to the number of counters you can accumulate either so you can stock them up for a run on a heavily fortified remote with the aim to save some credits and attack from a lower credit count, costing only credits to break subs. If you only ever stock 2 counters, you get a bonus +3 strength for any non-AI icebreaker with Takobi on every 2nd piece of ice encountered (except after the install, which only gives the boost on the 3rd ice). Thanks to Krams for correcting me there

Now, there are a couple of problems. If your area is full of asset spam or light-ice/rush type decks, then this is a dead card. However, if your opponent is playing a more glacier style deck or heavy strength ice like Tollbooth, then this is where Takobi starts to get better as you save credits on the strength boosts if you can charge up. Also, it still costs real credits to break subroutines so if you're up against a lot of multi-sub ice, then this doesn't help too much (though temporarily boosting a Gordian Blade to tackle a Fairchild 3.0 works wonders to reduce the break cost to 3 credits).

Some synergies that might help include Kongamato, which you can use to break a single subroutine on 1 ice and get a counter for Takobi. If you want to go all in on Takobi, Cyberdelia will give you credits back to get counters for the first piece of ice you break. A fun interaction is with System Seizure, which can be used to get around Takobi's clause where the icebreaker doesn't retain it's strength when boosted with Takobi.

At 3 influence (compared to 1 for Datasucker), this probably won't see play outside of Shaper. I like this card for what it does and I hope some extra support comes in the remaining Kitara cycle cards (written as of Council of the Crest - pack 3) but playing it is dependant on whether your local area is glacier or asset spam heavy, which is probably why the card won't see too much play just yet.

Oh, and remember, you can't boost AI's with Takobi so Aumakua (for example) can't just recover from a purge with this.

If you only ever stock 2 counters, you get a bonus +3 strength for any non-AI icebreaker with Takobi on every _2nd_ (not 3rd) piece of ice encountered (as soon as you have your first counter to begin with). This is awesome if the enemy has a few smaller pieces of ICE mixed with some high strength ICE. —
You're right there. That said, it is the 3rd ice from the install and every second thereafter. I'll edit the review. —
I feel like this is a sneaky boost for Stealth. Break first ice for cheap, power this up to fall back on to continue aggression. —