Mache is the shaper answer to asset spam in R&R, with Miss Bones for criminal and Hijacked Router for Anarchs. Is it as good as those two cards? Not by a long shot, but it is not terrible, imo.

The closest comparison to Mache is definitely Astrolabe. But while Astro gave you free cards every time the corp created a new server, this card requires you to proactively go trash assets. Not great, as shapers often did best largely ignoring the corps horizontal spam and focusing on hammering centrals, using their shiny free cards. With Mache, you are not getting squat unless you spend your credits and clicks to go after the corp.

The big saving grace with Mache is in the one word it lacks: console. Astro was often played as a cheap way to get 1 more MU, with runners just accepting that it is just a fancy Akamatsu Mem Chip if the corp wasn't going horizontal and being thankful for the cards if they did. But now you can play this AND a fancy console to advance your game plan. Or both this and Astro if you really hate asset spam.

Also, this card will almost never be dead in any match up. Even if you are facing a glacier player with one big server, trashing a couple of NGO Fronts, a Rashida Jaheem and a Crisium Grid is gonna give you a couple of free cards. Unfortunately you need to draw 4 cards off this to have made a profit, which is a lot. If only Kate were still with us, she could install this for free...

In short, it might not be strong enough to warant play, but it is definitely a fun little nugget.


As stated time and time again, giving runners a choice as to which part of a corp card to resolve usually makes the card clunky at best and garbage at worst. So which of the two is Riot Surpression, or is it simply ok?

The condition is easy enough to meet. Especially if you run an asset economy, the runner will likely trash a card at some point. For two credits, you either get to hit the runner in the brain, without trace being involved. OR you take away three of their clicks on their next turn, potentially giving you a scoring window.

If played by itself, the runner will very likely opt to just take it on the chin. Heck, these crazy hackers willfully hurt their brains often. There is now a critical mass of brain damage cards though, and hitting the runner with this, a Tempus and maybe 1 or 2 Self-Destruct Chips has potential to get them in problem. These types of decks are just not competitive though, not even with all their new toys. And I don't think this card changes all that.

Outside of HB this card has some application. A smaller handsize is always dangerous vs Jinteki and now in Weyland this card can either make yourself more vulnerable to High-Profile Target or you are giving yourself only one click next turn to clear Hard-Hitting News tags. Problem is though, these factions already have better tools for the job. And especially at 4 influence, this is a hard sell.

So yeah, like most brain damage related card, this probably belongs in the jank pile. Poor Cybernetics Division, you will never be tier 1.


First you see wow 9 for 2! amazing! But then of course your mind dose the math.

2 to play, then to deal with the tag that's another and another 2 a click begin worth roughly 1.5 It's really not all that, it's only a net of 2 not even counting the nonsense they might put infront of HQ.

But wait... CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!... Qianju PT it's all so much cooler. Then you've essentially got a Lucky Find that you can optionally use as tag evasion, if you've not got one in hand.

The other obvious synergy is Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain But that takes your ID slot, and she doesn't ride motorbikes (Both refer only to the "first tag")

Jesminder doesn't work tho. You get a tag after the run and she avoids one during the run. —
I have to disagree with you there, Sheildwall... the successful run is declared at step 5.4 of the run. —
The other synergy is with Citadel Sanctuary, and/or, Thunder Art Gallery in this pack which gives you back the click to install a card that you lost with Qianju - or, if you are also running adjusted chronotype, then you get a free install. —
Add tag evasion and stick it into Gabriel Santiago deck for maximum efficiency. Ken might enjoy some of this, too. —
It's also worth noting its not a replacement effect, so you still get the accesses. —

This is, on the face of it, a bad card.

Over the course of it's use it will net you back 18 - in order to get these, you need to draw it, install it, it 6 times and clear 3 tags - that's a total of 11 and 6 - meaning that the net return of this card is 1 , or for comparison, worse than Armitage Codebusting which nets 3 or Liberated which nets 4.

So this card needs support - there are only a few ways to clear tags clicklessly, making this card worthwhile, Citadel Sanctuary, so you need to be all in on that particular package of cards (Power Tap, running boosting cards) or you could run a Qianju PT Adjusted Chronotype combo. All of it needs support cards, but if we have the support in place, then it gives a crushing economic advantage over other click to gain econ cards in the game.

Ignoring the costs of Citadel Sanctuary or whatever combo you are using (we could if we wanted to build in some sort of accrual on the basis of how many other tagging cards the deck is running to break down the costs of the support cards amongst them - but that is probably going too far.) So, if we ignore the support card costs, and assume we get nothing back from Power Taps - and assume the corp never pays into the Citadel Sanctuary trace - and our runner has at least 1 - then this nets back 10 which makes it a very good card.

Combined with something like Thunder Art Gallerythis package could actually net you a click free discounted install in your turn, and could be worked into something more worthwhile.

There is of course the possibility of using this to build tags for a Counter Surveillance deck, but given High-Profile Target is a card, that's currently a risky strategy.

I've been tinkering with an Apex deck for quite some time, to some effect, and one of the biggest challenges aside from assembling combo pieces was sustaining in the endgame. I blow through my deck really quickly to pick up everything I need, but the endgame gets really stagnant, and if your key breakers end up in the bin, it's often difficult to recover.

Until now!

Reboot looks pretty simple - it's a Retrieval Run, but instead of one program face-up, it's five face-down. This has some obvious interactions with:

Previously, Aesop Apex had no decent way of getting bin stuff back en masse, so this is a big deal for that archetype in particular.

I don't know of any way to get face-down events back to your hand on the Runner side, but there could be applications there.

It does count as a run on Archives, so there's some slight synergy with Apocalypse - with an Assimilator in hand you can bring some of your trash back, nuke the board and start setting up next turn.

You can even throw out a couple of these in a turn to get a whole bunch of burst installs... but be really careful of Death and Taxes.

Overall it's a cheap card that has wide applications within Apex.

Apex can't install non-virtual resources. So, no pawnin' with Aesop there. It might potentially enable Chop-Bot as a semi-reliable draw engine, so... —
As Reboot installs cards face-down, you could use the card to install non-virtual resources face-down and then Assimilate them up. —
I don't know what to say. What a sick, sick thing. —