Endless EULA joins the short but valuable list of NBN 0-strength ICE with either soft or hard ETRs (Wraparound, Resistor, and Pop-up Window). It’s a “turbo-charged” Pop-up Window but not quite a gearcheck ICE like Wraparound, as a rig-less runner can spend 6 to get through it. It also has an atrocious rez/strength ratio compared to the traditional taxing ICE. So then, what does that make it? Anything you want it to be! (Results may vary.)

Building a taxing remote to drag the runner through multiple times? Slap an Endless EULA on the end of it.

Don’t want your opponent racking up Turning Wheel counters on your central server? Slap an Endless EULA on the end of it.

Pre-rotation, many would scoff at this card for being Parasite target #1 but with the virus gone, Endless EULA now becomes a sure-fire tax of 6 for any runner looking to get through it, with or without fracter. Watch out though for any data breaches, cats, dogs, or nails. Excluding Parasite, this card might still end up as a major trashing target due to it being a major headache for almost all runners these days but do note that Knifed won't work if you pay 6 through the subs - you'll need to actually break the subs with your fracter. Overall, an excellent addition for Corps that can afford the 6 rez cost with ease and for you jank fanatics, go crazy with your Chief Slee theorycrafting.


…Huh, what’s that? GS Sherman M3 breaks this for 2? It’s only 1 for Morning Star? It’s free for Yusuf??? This card sux, 1/10, would skip reading the EULA again.

The one downside is that endless EULA doesn't really require a breaker to begin with. The runner can just pay their way through. If you rely on this and IP block to keep the runner out, you may be disappointed to see that the runner can just walk in with a cheque. I think Endless EULA is making a case for Wraparound as its companion piece. —
UPDATE: Prey makes this card very, very sad. —

I can't wait to try this card out in the outfit, that ID looks like it will stack BP and this could pay off big. Even scored on empty you get 6 credits in that ID.

But R&R is in the future so we shall see, I'm just being impatient and already brainstorming :)

Do you think it'll be worth it to invest in Expose + Dedication Ceremony in that ID to offset the BP? I don't see why not, especially with all the tutors available. —

NEXT Sapphire is difficult to evaluate because its power depends on a lot of variables:

  • Obviously: How many NEXT Ice do you have rezzed? If this is your only one, it's an okay facecheck penalty, whereas if you've already rezzed another it can be brutal. But if you have other NEXT Ice rezzed, they know you're probably running NEXT Sapphire, and it won't be much of a surprise.
  • Do you actually want to draw cards? In CI the answer is almost certainly yes, but in other decks it's not as clear, and the first subroutine might be pointless.
  • Do you have cards in Archives to bring back? If this is turn 1 and you didn't get to play e.g. Hedge Fund, the second sub isn't going to do anything. On the other hand late-game it could bring back several Biotic Labors or something else that's game-deciding.
  • Are there cards in your hand you want to get rid of? If this is a run on HQ then this is very relevant, as you can bury excess agendas you don't want to have stolen. If this is a run on R&D, it could let you decrease the agenda density in R&D. But maybe you want to keep all your cards!

The nice thing is how these synergize. If all of them fire, or even just both the first and the last, the downsides for the first and last subroutines negate each other, and Sapphire lets you adjust your hand quite nicely. Oh, and there's always The Twins (plus probably Helheim Servers) for an "infinite" combo to trigger all of the subroutines an arbitrary number of times. (Helheim to make it unbreakable, then recursively using The Twins and another copy of NEXT Sapphire in HQ/Archives, probably playing this out of CI.)

HOWEVER, there are downsides to NEXT Sapphire that are not obvious at first.

The primary weakness: Usually one of the subroutines is fairly harmless, especially to let fire repeatedly. If you're running HQ, letting them draw cards could populate their hand with more agendas to steal. If you're running R&D, letting them shuffle cards back into R&D is probably fine, and usually doing it more than once is redundant. Alternatively, letting them draw cards might be irrelevant if you just want to flood HQ. (So ideally play this in a deck that always wants to draw.) Or maybe you don't care if they take any of their trashed cards back for some reason.

The subtle flaw: As the rules stand today (April 2018), the third subroutine is mandatory. Sure, you may choose to shuffle 0 cards from HQ into R&D, but that still shuffles R&D. For example, when Jackson Howard was around, you could choose to use him to "shuffle 0 cards in", just to shuffle R&D, as per this ruling. That was great when you had control over the effect, but now it makes NEXT Sapphire a very dangerous piece of ice to put on R&D, or potentially on the outside of a server, since it gives the runner the power to shuffle R&D, whether that's to see a fresh card off the top or because they want to stop you from drawing something they've seen.

I would just like to comment on the shuffle - it plays havoc with runners who like to Index RandD :) —

Finally.... a decent Current for criminals.

Corporate Grant plays on a criminal strength - keeping the corp poor. Because of its trigger, it only truly shines in builder/horizontal decks. However, most criminals (e.g. Gabe, Ken, Los) are aggressive. They get their rig up fast, and run, run, run.

Meet Geist (if you somehow haven't already):

  1. Geist installs a lot of cards, constantly triggering the ability throughout the game.
  2. Counters Scarcity of Resources, which has shut down staple cards like Fall Guy, Tech Trader, and Street Peddler for a long time.
  3. You can use Street Peddler during the corp's turn, triggering Corporate Grant out of turn.
  4. Slows down Rush and FA decks, letting you build up before they can win.
  5. Cheap to play.

As a Criminal "main", it makes me proud to finally see a solid Current after several years.


Literally the Runner economy card by which all others are measured. This core set staple is good in all stages of the game netting 4 for the low low cost of having 5 at your disposal. Bonus synergy when turning a nasty trap like Shi.Kyū or News Team into a free 9 using The Shadow Net.

While useful at all stages of the game Sure Gamble excels on the first turn allowing you to set up your rig that much faster to threaten servers that much faster. In fact this is such a generally useful neutral card at 0 influence that it is an auto-include in almost all runner decks ( 91% of runner decks as of 4/7/18 according to knowthemeta.com). One would need to have a good reason to NOT include 3 copies of this card in your deck!

Long may our elite hackers make a profit by defrauding casinos and online gambling halls to acquire the funds to steal sensitive corporate secrets!

7 Apr 2018

(Written During the Devil and the Dragon Era)

(P.S. it saddens me to see cards without reviews! Do your part to give these orphaned cards some love!)