This is what Weyland considers as a trap. It either had to end the run or make money. Given that it is an asset, it could not end the run so we have to live with the money.

GRNDL Refinery is not a bad card. The only issue with it is that if you could get this card to net you 10+ credits, you could also have advanced and scored a 4-advancement agenda. And the windows in which you can do this are not that large nor that common. This makes this card as a great tool to learn where the windows for scoring are in your games. The other thing about this card is that it is a great way to force runs from the runner through a thick server. Still, there are better cards to have the runner run out of money (Reversed Accounts).

I believe that we have moved on for our economy to more operations and advertisements. This card still has its niche where it shines though. Play it in decks with bonuses for advancing cards, like Oberth Protocol, Dedication Ceremony or Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within.

There's another problem; it's not even very good money most of the time. Say you play it out (as you suggest) like a four-advancement agenda. It costs you 5 clicks (IAAATrash) to net 9 money after you factor in the cost of advancing. In the event that you want to use a remote to make slow, unwieldy money and bait a run, Melange Mining Corp is probably better (it's a smaller payoff, but doesn't require pre-emptive advancement and baits a run even after you fire it). As Melange isn't generally thought of as great, that's a pretty damning comparison. On top of that, it's also comparible to Melange in the way that its low trash cost makes R&D porous. The only thing that makes it worth considering IMO is if your deck is already running two or three Dedication Ceremonies. If that's the case then a one-of GRNDL could be a nice suprrise boost. —

I think the most significant part of this ID is when the re-direct effect puts the runner in front of a rezzed piece of ICE. The runner must encounter that ICE and cannot jack out, which really changes how the runner has to approach their runs.

All of a sudden when they approach any unrezzed piece of ICE, they have to have the money to break any outermost rezzed ICE on the board.

If you keep getting re-directed to go through big ICE like Chiyashi, Tithonium, Archer, DNA Tracker, or even something crafty like Excalibur, it can really mess up your plans.

Nothing is quite as bad as getting redirected and paying 7 credits with Paperclip to go through the Chiyashi on Archives only to jack out after because you know there's Breached Dome waiting for you there.

The re-direct can pair really well with click removing effects like MCA Austerity Policy, or force the runner to run again on the desired server only to have it end with Nisei MK II or have them be unable to run again due to Excalibur. If they get an AI to deal with the Excalibur then include some good AI hate and force them to go through it over and over again. Maybe even consider Loki if you're including lots of miserable big ICE elsewhere too!

I think the ID works well in both a rush style along with a glacier approach. Deep servers full of un-rezzed ICE give you lots of re-direct potential, and early re-directs can waste runner clicks giving you chances to score. Either way I think this is a fairly potent ID that has a few different approaches to winning.

And since Employee Strike is no longer in every runner deck, this ID is easier to use. —
Regarding: —
Regarding: —
Above it says:"If the Corp uses AgInfusion to redirect the Runner to a different server, what happens if there is no ice protecting the new server? Can the Runner jack out? The Runner has passed all the ice protecting the new server, so the next step is to approach the server (Step 5 of the timing structure of a run). This means the Runner will have the normal opportunity to jack out at step 5.2" Wouldn't the runner be at step 4.1 - Paid Abilities?And, this is where I get confused. If the Corp uses Ag to force the runner into an advanced and unprotected Cerberal Overwriter, can't the corp fire the paid ability at 4.1 before the runner can jack out at 4.2? . —

Respirocytes is another way of saying "red blood cells", but in a more scientific way. The suffix -cyte derives from Latin cyta and Ancient Greek kĂștos, meaning "container", "vessel", or "jar". In modern medical terms, the suffix is used to denote a mature cell. Respirocytes are therefore cells that assist in respiration.

However, in science fiction and, increasingly, science reality, respirocytes can also be used to refer to any cell in the blood that contributes to respiratory function. This definition includes artificial respirocytes, which are proposed nanomachines built to maximize oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer. Since this is the future and also Mars, I'm pretty sure this cybernetics card is meant to be the latter.

--end educational content--

Plays well with cards that leverage damage into benefits. I've Had Worse is a good in-faction example; Synthetic Blood is another - sidenote, if you have synthetic blood, then why do you need artificial respirocytes? Unfortunately FFG seem to have gotten wise to these sorts of shenanigans, since First Responders specifically reads "damage from a Corp card".

Respirocytes is, of course, meant to synergize with the other cards in the Red Sands cycle, being ideal fodder for Clan Vengeance and easily mitigated by Jarogniew Mercs. It was, for a while, great for degenerate Salvaged Vanadis Armory decks, before the whole Armory got banned.

Since we're on the transhumanist kick, consider pairing with a set of Titanium Ribs or visiting the Chrome Parlor. Honestly, I never expected to see another cybernetics card after SanSan ended, and I'm really pleased to see that FFG are revisiting some of these old card archetypes.

I really want to like this card and build a deck around it. But it just isn't very good. This can at most let you draw 3 cards. Diesel does the same without all the hassle. You don't have to take meat damage, you don't have to empty your hand 3 times. To me, you need to use this because you want the meat damage. You can try using with Officer Frank and a couple other cards, but I don't think it's really that viable. —

I'm going to say this now: This is my favorite agenda. You might be thinking, "Corporate Sales Team gives me money, The Future is Now gives me a free tutor, Chronos Project wins me the game! All this does is make the runner two measly clicks!" It does make the runner lose two clicks, but they are far from measly.

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. can two of these to explode into a Government Takeover.

SYNC: Everything, Everywhere or Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed can turn a Hard-Hitting News into a deadly gambit.

Jinteki: Personal Evolution or Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined might use this to prevent drawing cards after an unlucky Snare! access.

Haas-Bioroid decks might use this to make their ICE sting even more.

Overall I think this is a great agenda and has a multitude of uses.

Poor Waiver. NBN's very own hand-wiping ICE alongside Komainu and Brainstorm, this little piece of bureaucracy has made shockingly little impact to the NBN ICE suite. This is a shame because it has a lot of things going for it.


5 strength code gates are always welcome

At a reasonable cost, too! 5 rez is one less than Fairchild 3.0, but you lose 2 subroutines and the bioroid weakness.

Ridiculously high face-check value, can be a devastating setback for a runner holding key pieces in hand

Even if you don't wipe their whole hand, you still get to snoop into the runner's grip and make informed decisions about your next move...

Possibly following up with Salem's Hospitality or a freshly rezzed Ibrahim Salem. A Neural EMP kill is also possible.


Is a Tracer, which can be invalidated by high link strength

Runner has control over what you trash, may spend only up to their most expensive card, this is mitigated by the fact that you can see their hand still.

Pretty weak to D4v1d, but taxing for other breakers

And don't forget, it also wipes any 0 cost cards if it gets to fire. There's quite a few of those common in decks. —
Unless the Runner pays so their link strength is 1 more than the trace strength. —
Actually, upon further inspection, it wouldn't wipe the 0 cost cards, since the trace is not successful when the runner matches the trace strength. —
You're quite right, good catch. —