NBN's reprisal of the set, Threat Assessment is an interesting way to meddle with the runner's tempo.


Unlike Wake Up Call's 4 meat damage, absolutely 0 runners want 2 tags on their turn, and will amost always ead to the bounce option

Putting back a costly console or program could set the runner back many clicks and credits

Bouncing cards that host other cards such as Dhegdheer, Leprechaun, Dinosaurus, etc. doubles the setback

Can be used with Kala Ghoda Real TV to permanently get a runner card off the board

Gets around Sacrificial Construct and other prevent cards


RFG's after use, so recursion is impossible- have to make the right target choices

A few tag avoidance cards such as On the Lam and Forger exist- OtL is gaining in popularity especially

Best against a money poor runner, as bouncing something against a rich one only costs them time

Overall Threat Assessment is a great edition to the already impressive reprisal suite that is sure to make its way into at least a few NBN decks.

I think these reprisal cards may end up forcing some runners to include Slums in their builds again. —

I have a feeling this is going to become a staple pretty fast, and is universally useful almost everywhere.


-4 credits is basically a reverse Sure Gamble

Comes without the clunkiness of Reversed Accounts

Run condition will be easy to satisfy

Can be part of a larger combo- Hard-Hitting News becomes easier to land, and a single use of Ewar saves you 8 credits over a double Punitive Counterstrike play

Can be used in pairs of double the pain, or kick the runner while they're down, especially in Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach.

Brutal in conjunction with the "-6" cards like Bryan Stinson, Observe and Destroy, and Manta Grid/Nihongai Grid.


Clogs up the hand while waiting for other pieces, may lead to wastage- 2 is probably the most copies you want

Overall this is a very scary card and will probably change the runner's game once they see it.

In terms of game impact it's not that terribly great, but it's a decent impact for a very low cost. I expect at least Weyland to pack 2 of them by default. —
This makes me think of something involving Spark Agency. Adding a surprise tax to the runner after they run, and then kicking them while they're down with that 1 credit tax can open up pretty huge scoring windows. —

What a nasty card!! Unless you are going tag-me, you best never run without at least 2s or a serious economic advantage again.

Tag removal cards like Crash Space and Misdirection are becoming more relevant.

.1 stars

Add team sponsorship to your deck and recur this everytime that you score an agenda. Sounds great in any deck that has over 10 agendas. —

This is one of those cards that seems innocuous but under the surface, is really, really, mean. Basically, this is Thomas Haas, but not terrible. The main purpose of this card is to bait runs and drag the runner through taxing/tagging/damaging servers only to come up empty handed. NGO Front serves this purpose very well.


Cheap: costs nothing to fire and no influence to include

Variable output: Some runners are wary of a 2 advanced trap, but almost all one advanced cards will be ran.

Profit: Unlike Thomas Haas, NGO Front actually makes money. This could help you bounce back from pricey ICE rezzes or other unforseen tricks the runner has

Screws up the math: Could serve as a "bank" of credits to surprise the runner after they think you are too poor to defend yourself


1 to trash, so the inclusion of NGO Front makes central servers weaker

Interdiction means your investment is lost after they run it

Overall, I think NGO Front will see a lot of play in Tagging or Glacier decks to encourage running and open scoring windows.

It does seem like a great card. Hopefully you find it on your RD digs. —
A trap that gives money to the corp you say? Another trap that could easily have been Weyland's. —
I've been waiting a long time for this type of card to come. Now with this, the game opens up to play a range of more expensive ICE. This card along with Urban Renewal brings back actual Netrunner. —
Doesn't this card provide money that Tapwrm can not benefit from? —

First of all, this is one of the most beautiful cards in all of Netrunner. Second of all, this ICE is pretty good, but is competing with other HB code gates


Brutal utility subroutines: Click Account Siphon is very powerful for the corp, especially in the crucial early game. A full fire means the corp can FA a 4/2 on their turn- choice targets could be a Vitruvius with a counter, or a Corporate Sales Team.

Value, even at last click- Enigma and Hourglass suffer from ignorability if the runner is on their last click-even if the runner has none to lose Nightdancer will still give you clicks

Taxing- 4 to break with Gordian Blade, Abagnale, Inversificator, and GS Striker M1 is respectable

High impact subroutines make Nightdancer a good target for a Batty game, as well as a good choice for Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined decks

Rare non-bioroid HB ICE, will surprise runners who think they are safe running at 4 clicks


Impact comes at a high cost- 6 is pricy for a 4 strength ICE

Weak to Cyber-Cypher and Black Orchestra (more evidence Black Orchestra is a mistake!)

Overall Nightdancer is an interesting alternative to the popular Fairchild suite!