Lost In Space

Handsome Jack 1553

Danger. Will. Robinson.

Basically Guns and Rockets modified with High-Profile Target.

14 Jun 2018 Severijn

Interesting picks. I am surprised that you only run the three oberth protocols as your forfeit asset/upgrade. I suppose you intend to recur it with preemptive action.

How is veritas working out? I am generally wary of the card since jemison has an affinity for getting bad publicity early on.

I was also thinking that high-profile target could replace boom, though I am not entirely certain whether boom is still just better as it gets around I've had worse.

Did the second neural emp help you?

14 Jun 2018 Handsome Jack

3 Oberths is usually enough to close out a game but I think Subcontract could be replaced with either a Corporate Town (Clan Vengeance nonsense) or Quarantine System (DDoS)

Veritas is a nice middle of the road sentry. I don't really like Colossus in Jem because the cost is a bit prohibtive so Veritas works well

I personally think HPT is better than BOOM! because HPT can survive hail mary HQ runs that BOOM! dies to. HPT also has additional strengths against the occasional tagme anarch and does an additional point of damage against non Anarchs.

The second Neural EMP makes things more consistant and every once in a while you can catch a runner with 1 or 0 cards for a kill.