Azmari glacier ( 2nd place Durham regionals)


This the deck that I took to durham regionals and ended up getting 2nd with it. It went 2-2 in swiss however some one dropped putting me in top 8. The deck itself is fairly simple you want to use cheap ice like jua and IP block to protect your centrals early game while getting money from your ID and other cards. Then you can continue to build taxing servers centrals and a scoring remote with upgrades like ash and Batty.

Most of this decks losses where to clan vengeance val however I did win against one in the cut. This deck isn't very well matched against the clans decks but was more designed to combat reg ass val but only had to face against that once.

Overall I think that this deck is really good if you have a lot of people playing reg val which is most of the meta right now.

13 Jun 2018 MrBuggles

What makes this deck weak against clan vengeance? I can’t see anything important you need to hold in hand

14 Jun 2018 BECKETT28

It’s weak to because you usually have to stick most agendas in your remote as soon as you draw the and they will usually just lock your remote with stimhack. A lot of times when playing against clans I tried to stick agendas in remotes but they just stimhack hack and I would end up being behind on money and then they would pressure centrals for the win.