Spark!!! Rashida Team Sponsorship

Yutopia 9

Play 20 times at casual 14 wins ,

I think there are 2 more games I can win if I more familar with this deck.

T1 play 2 advertisement , rez at your end of turn and the beginning of hacker turn, force hacker to click twice to play sure gamble, or setup rashida and place a ice to protect it. Try to score AR-enhanced security at early game, ever it will break your economic. use TS to install rashida.

The key point is play your tempo well, you dont need to afraid to leave one of your central server open, protect rashida first. Then protect HQ against criminal or R&D against DDM/Index/Maker's Eye

Valencia is a hard one, try to score before she discard icebreaker and when she play Liberated Account. Defence and bait at mid-game to run out her ecom.

Diversion of Funds can be spicy, rez asset to lower the effect, if you cant do that protect your HQ at T1, maximum ICE trace strength, or install Crisium Grid.

I would like to share some idea about match up but my poorly english skill limit my description :(

Card replacement

+Red Herrings

+Pop-up Window

+Mumbad Virtual Tour


+more Preemptive Action


-CPC Generator

hope you have fun :)