Almost Amazing Tennin

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gumonshoe 2967

This is in the worst place for this meta, but if the meta weren't adjusted for it it would be utterly broken; so hey, it's probably a good thing that an unfair no good deck is nearly unplayable. What's it weak to? All those things that jump around servers, all those things that break subs that aren't breakers or bypass things, all those things that trash cards out of your hand. Essentially every good deck in the meta. And a couple of the bad decks too because changing ice types is a more popular thing for runners to do. And non-break ice destruction is back as well. Also the snare!-mwanza combo has put net damage prevention into half the decks you see. And then, of course you probably just fold to a well placed AI deck. So, like I said; you don't want to play this right now.

But this is a rogue deck and the meta will adjust so there will exist a time when you can pull this out and make people sad; I just don't know when that will be so I feel comfortable sharing it. In the mean time you can win games against decks that are teching the weaker versions of the cards that make this deck harder to play or people who just aren't ready for it.

How do you play it? Get 2 ice up on r&d & hq. Both of the ice in this deck are good for the ID ability and if they run through the bioroid there's enough damage that they will eventually die because of it; but realistically it's always got a hard etr by turn 3 or 4. Levy University is for the early game to ensure you have ice or to recover from femme/ice destruction. You typically want to ovewrite it with a trap or an agenda you are scoring.

There's too much money in the deck, but you do eventually need it; it's probably correct to add some other trick into the deck like a junebug, but I just don't know what to replace.

Once your centrals are protected with Breached domes & mythics its time to fa for the win. If things are bad, then you rez mother goddess on the remote and try to score out the hard way. But if things are bad its probably because the meta is too much for this degeneracy to stand in which case you should shelve this for another day. Having played it enough the deck wants a bit more draw to just go faster, but this is a reasonable starting point. There's no need to have the Mwanza-snare combo, in fact the deck is probably better without it; but I'd argue you still want to be a bit spiky, so you should have something