New World Adam 2.0 Logic bomb edition (1st place Max XP GNK)

Njabbskolt 128

This is the Adam deck I took to a 3-1 finish and 1st place at the 9 person Max XP GNK on 12/05/2018. I've stubbornly decided to play Adam at Euros and so have been trying to refine this deck over the last month. With the release of Logic Bomb I think it is decent in most matchups, and the potential early game pressure between this and access to an early Femme with Emergent Creativity. The main weaknesses being asset spam and tagging decks (CtM being my main fear).

On the day I came up against BoN, CtM, CI and Titan, only losing out to Titan in a very close game where I couldn't find the final 2 points before my opponent found his FA tools.

I am currently testing 2 x Rip Deal for bringing back Logic Bombs and other key cards in matchups where they might be especially important (Employee Strike etc). They were never needed in my games at the GNK though, so I am considering going down to 1 and back to 3 Career Fairs. And it is 46 cards as I am terrible at cutting, and generally don't care enough to make that final cut :) (PS I always start with FTT/NAT/SF as I find ABR does more damage than good in most cases).

14 May 2018 AsteriskCGY

Boy we need e3 for ABR to be any good.

14 May 2018 Njabbskolt

@AsteriskCGYAye, I miss that beautiful piece of hardware. Though I guess it would be kinda broken right now in combination with Gbahali, Kongomato etc.

15 May 2018 Benjen

I love Rip Deal here. How's it working in testing?

16 May 2018 eXister

cool approach, i like it! Fun to play!

16 May 2018 Njabbskolt

@BenjenI've not actually had a chance to use it yet in any of the games (and have been too busy to get much time on Jinteki), which is why I am debating going down to 1. But the theory of paying 3 and whatever it costs to get into HQ to bring back 2 bombs and then dive bomb a remote seems strong. Will be playing it more tomorrow, and hopefully get a better idea of how they perform.

@eXisterThanks! I think Adam is in a pretty good spot at the moment, and I always find him fun to play, apart from against CtM, which is just plain stressful.

17 May 2018 Njabbskolt

@Benjen As sound as the theory seems, I have now played about ten games with this and not used Rip Deal once, so I’m gonna try taking them out and replacing them with Stimhacks I think.

18 May 2018 Benjen

@Njabbskoltwell, I'm gonna cut the Aumakuas, throw in some overminds, then add 2 Reclaim when that is released.

19 May 2018 Njabbskolt

@Benjen Oh damn, that is a good shout. If only the pack was out in time to be legal for Euros.

19 May 2018 Havvy

I run an Adam deck with Mining Accident instead of Liberated Account. It seems to work for me, but a lot of other Adam decks seem to run Liberated instead?

20 May 2018 Njabbskolt

@HavvyI've not tried running Mining Accident in Adam myself, but I think for me at least the pure economy of Liberated, coupled with Career Fair for the discount on install, seems more valuable than potentially getting up to 3 Bad Pub. Though I can see how it would be good if you're playing against a lot of asset spam.

20 May 2018 Havvy

Thanks for the response, usually I get 2 BP, which with Multithreader works well, but I do find myself low on credits outside of runs. I’ll give Liberated Account a go :)

21 May 2018 Njabbskolt

Currently testing -2 Rip Deal -2 Multithreader, +1 Career Fair, +1 Stimhack and +2 Data Folding. Though need to get some proper games in with it.