Central Security

gumonshoe 2973

Protect your agendas? No, we don't do that; but we guarantee we'll get enough blood on the walls that people won't want to see your agendas from the floor. If you like that sound of that I've got a nice jar of O+ you can sign on the dotted line with.

More Blood? More Blood

-2 NGO + 2 Prisec / -1 Boom + 1 Preemptive Action

More prisec is good for NA. So consider finding a slot for that.

Back when I played more seriously I loved losing games at tournaments by maker's eyeing weyland into a snare on my last click or medium digging a PE just to see what I could find. I aim to help other people make the same bad decisions I used to. Now I get to utter those wonderful words: This deck has not lost a game in Jinteki yet.

16 May 2018 dbAdmin

Did a search for Argus + Mwanza and was not disappointed.