Haarpsi: Mwanza X Punitive

APoorRich 126

Inspired by the latest and newest Mwanza City Grid, Haarpsichord studios, your favourite division of entertainment knows no bounds when churning out your favourite TV shows faster than you can binge 'em.

Mwanza City Grid is at the heart of this entertainment giant, and it gives +3 card access to the runner ... wait what? You ask, while jumping in to snatch away that sweet SSL Endorsement and/or Degree Mill.

Nope. because Mwanza City Grid is a double-edged sword... even sharper than Excalibur. Not only does it grant the corp +8 credits for the accessed cards, but it opens up the runner to threats like Snare!, like News Team and the worst of all if not ironic, AGENDAS.

Punitive Counterstrike is there to flatline the runner. You'll need a sizeable econ lead yes, which is what the baits of NGO Front and combos of Award Bait and Reversed Accounts are for, not to mention the classic NBN Closed Accounts.

tl;dr: - allow runners to multi-access your SSL Endorsement and Degree Mill. remember they can't steal more than one agenda a turn so you'll be safe. Preferably you also have a Snare! - Pop the Punitive Counterstrike, beat the trace with your econ lead and kill the runner.

9 May 2018 Xihin

@APoorRichAny thoughts on Endless EULA for the deck?

9 May 2018 APoorRich

@Xihin Good suggestion! though I believe this is meant to be a kill deck and therefore went low on the ICE, and the IP block will be valuable with all the Amuakuas lurking around. Which is why I went for the lower cost end of the ICE

9 May 2018 Xihin

@APoorRichI was debating a 1/1 split of Toolboth and Endless EULA. I'll test it and let you know. I like Toolboth but sometimes that saved 2 credits makes a difference in my other NBN decks.

10 May 2018 North

@APoorRich Mwanza's credit gain actually counts everything accessed during the access phase, including all of the upgrades - so you'll get +10 credits if there's just Mwanza in the root, more if you have more upgrades installed with it.

10 May 2018 zmb

Maybe sneak in a Standard Procedure for even more money

11 May 2018 demoy

is Award Bait the best 1 pointer? have you tried 1 15minutes and 1 Quantum Predictive Model: if they hit Snare! first or run through Data-Raven you get it. What has been your experience?

11 May 2018 APoorRich

@demoy I like the idea of 15 minutes, as it serves as a buffer so that when it's first accessed on R&D, an SSL endorsement underneath it won't be stolen due to the ID ability. However, Award Bait can be used to transfer two advancement tokens onto a 5/3, and with both of them facedown it's pretty much a 50/50 chance.

Furthermore, Snare! would not work because if we assume the experienced players will clear the tag before running again (think dedicated response team, think QPM etc.)

29 May 2018 ClosDeLaRoche

If the ID’s ability allows for a single agenda to be stolen per turn, and Punitive deals damage for agenda points of stolen agendas, what’s the advantage of multi-accessing agendas? If the runner accesses two 3-pointers and steals one of them, wouldn’t Punitive deal 3 damage instead of 6?