I'm Kit and I'm here to say: Surfing's back in a major way

Shiiuga 1067

Just an idea I whipped up after seeing the spoilers for Whispers in Nalubaale.

Premise: Make one big run a turn, making things in to barriers with Laamb and then surfing down the line, before breaking with either Laamb or Inversificator. If it's a nice cheap ice to break you can break with Inversi then swap it back out to the outside.

Events: Career Fair and Modded make expensive pieces cheaper. The Maker's Eye for when you want to access based on the cards on the table (or you're DTF) and Marathon to deal with any pesky asset spam. You all know what Diesel and Sure Gamble are for by now.

Hardware: Daredevil Could potentially be Astrolabe but it's a strong draw against glacier decks and because Laamb is 2MU you probably need the extra MU slot. If you go to Astrolabe you could probably drop the Modded for something else.

Resources: They're good resources, Brent. The Turning Wheel furthers your elite multiaccess strats. Sacrificial Construct protects your key programs against Skorp/other prevalent program trashing.

Breakers: Inversificator Kit is well documented by now but Laamb adds the solution to Surfing that was not quite there with Tinkering/Egret. Na'Not'K is there as a backup in case you find yourself needing to break Sentries with an actual killer like some sort of plebe.

Other programs: Nyashia is even more multiaccess! See all the things! Surfer lets you make a mockery of Jinja ice towers, as well it should.

There's probably still some tweaks that could be made to this but I think it will be fun to play. I haven't had a chance to test it yet because as we all know deck testing is for cowards.

7 May 2018 PyWiz

What about Dedicated Processor or that Lassie thing from the new set? DediPro lets you break IP Blocks with Laamb for just 1c more than the trace instead of 2 (value). More importantly, you could cut nanotek for Femme and if you actually need a killer you can put Dedi Pro on it for a cool 11c total?

7 May 2018 Shiiuga

@PyWiz There's no Dedicated Processor because in the example you're giving it's redundant. It costs the same to break with Inversificator as it would would with Laamb+DedProc and it's one fewer card. Remember that in addition to making the first piece of ice a barrier with Laamb it is already a Code Gate thanks to Kit's ability.

As the intention of the deck is to Surf through a server once per turn, and you'll only ever be breaking one piece (as you skip over however many ice is between you and the server before breaking the final piece that used to be the first piece) Gebrselassie would also be redundant as you usually aren't breaking a second bit to care about keeping the strength up.

7 May 2018 RepoRogue

Have you considered cutting a Surfer to make room for a couple of copies of Multithreader? Give that you want to make exactly one run a turn, it seems very strong.

7 May 2018 Shiiuga

I did consider going down to one Surfer but there's a decent amount of program trashing/RFG effects at the moment and I'd be concerned that even with 3x SacCon you might get screwed by Skorp early and it's nice to have a backup.

7 May 2018 Shiiuga

Also MU is already super tight with 4 being needed for the core trio of Laamb, Inversi and Surfer before you get in to Misdirection/Equivocation/Nyashia/Nanotk so there's not really spare for the threaders

8 May 2018 pang4

@ShiiugaCyberdelia could kill two runners with one EMP. It would aid the economy as well as provide MU, and is excellent in a deck that wants to run exactly once per turn.

If we can stuff in a bit more econ, I'd really love to take this beauty for a spin. Seems real strong.

8 May 2018 Cooker

I have been playing around a Wu deck with Laamb (on Dinosaurus) and Surfer for running and Magnum for econ, but the Inversicator is definitely interesting since you could just create a permanent loop of something easy instead of potentially having to deal with something troublesome.

My concern here would be econ. While you are saving money making only 1 run in a given turn and breaking only 1 ice each run, triggering Laamb and Surfer aren't free, you might have to spend multiple turns clicking for credits just to afford 1 run, let alone dealing with tags and whatnot (even if you have Misdirection out).

8 May 2018 Shiiuga

@pang4you might be right. there's already plenty of draw in here so it could afford to lose Daredevil.

@Cookeryou're not wrong, it is a bit light on funds. The Career Fairs could probably be Peace In Our Time, seeing as the Fairs are only really there for Casts/Earthrise.

24 May 2018 dhunt9

Wouldnt inversificator kit not need the surfers?

26 May 2018 Cooker

@dhunt9 with inversificator you create a cheap loop for yourself. For example, say a sever had a Fairchild as the innermost ice and a Wall of Static as the outer ice. You could use kit to turn the WoS into a codegate and surf it so Fairchild is now on the outside, pay 2 credits to break the Wall of Static and then use inversificator to to switch it with the Fairchild so you can just surf the Wall of Static again instead of having to pay to break the Fairchild next round.

Definitely not a competitive setup and will get slowed down if the Corp installs an expensive ice in an outer position and/or trashes their cheap iced, but it could be entertaining.

30 May 2018 Vortilion

@Shiiuga „and you'll only ever be breaking one piece (as you skip over however many ice is between you and the server before breaking the final piece that used to be the first piece) “ i don’t understand. Why only one piece? Isn’t it always at least 2, even if it’s the same ice because of switching? Sorry, am a beginner...