Zumba Leela -- 1st Place Store Champs Western MA

XAlt 137

I ran Leela + Zamba + GPI to 1st place in the Off the Wall Store Championships in Western Massachusetts. My only loss was a super-close one, and that was with me drawing through almost my entire deck and 2 of the 3 GPI Net Taps at the bottom of my deck. You pretty much need 2 GPIs online to win in the mid-to-late game.

I like this Leela version better than any 419 version because Leela can pressure early and make the Corp rethink its life choices. I play it as straight Leela, aggressive runs and Legwork and Embezzle (which was fun the one time it worked), and then the Zumba combo comes online and we dance.

DDoS is the secret MVP of the deck, and Peace in Our Time is garbage but I was worried about cash flow and I did need it once. Maxwell James is amazing and won me at least one game by itself.

Try it if you like fun.

6 May 2018 MrHuds0n

Have you tried using Tapwrm as your restircted card and protecting them with SacCons? In my testing this has proven to be a very good tempo gain whether the opponent decides to purge or not.

6 May 2018 RepoRogue

Have you considered swapping Peace In Our Time with a single Day Job? Less money for you, but it's basically unconditional and doesn't help the corp.

6 May 2018 XAlt

@MrHuds0n I don't like running zero currents, and the best current is the one that most shuts down the runner. Though maybe Corporate Grant + Tapwrm + Sac Con would be good, though slots are tight. I will try it!

@RepoRogue Oh, yeah, Day Job would have been better. Definitely. Though I didn't even think of it because I've never once played it outside of Anarch.

7 May 2018 johnofarc

Nice Deck! How did Xanadu work out for you? Also what were your matchups?

7 May 2018 RepoRogue

@XAlt Save for a few janky Comet decks a few years, I have rarely if ever exported Day Job and rarely played it in Anarch. But recently I've been seeing it as a strong replacement for Liberated Accounts that: costs less influence, is just as click efficient (4 clicks for 8 credits compared to 5 for 10) but can be played while poorer (meaning it's arguably more efficient if you're not being forced to click for credits to install Liberated) and is immune to Scarcity of Resources. Currently using it in that role in Adam and Smoke decks, and it's so far performed quite nicely.

10 May 2018 analyzechris

Love Leela winning a SC! I also love the DDoS > Spear Phising combo out of Leela and would recommend it over Inside Job in this case.

29 May 2018 Vortilion

May I ask how this deck is being played? Don’t really understand the strategy here...