Madmans Secrets

zmb 98

Turtle up and advance that Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. Fast Advance out and never build a remote -unless you suspect Clot or The Source. I never score the GloFo's but they make the deck quite resilient to accesses before you get your ICE.

I think this deck is quite good. Bring it to tournaments at own risk, as it is quite grindy...

You can swap out alot of the ICE for your preferences. Also the Space Camp is a new addition. Used to run 2xBreached Dome's which were very good as well.

3 May 2018 Friff14

Do people just not run archives if there are space camps in there? I used to run a deck like this and I'd frequently ice up Archives just to get the counters. Does Space Camp do the job?

13 May 2018 RvdH83

I like this deck. Very fun to play! Just turtle up and wait until you can score stuff. Although it plays out very grindy indeed.

I think Breached Dome may be better here (haven't tried it). Space Camp is less good than the Tennin ability, since you can put Space Camp's advancement token only on advanceable cards, so people will still run on Archives once a turn.

And often you still need to ice up Archives (a lot), because of Omar, various viruses and the like, and the occasional criminal with Sneakdoor Beta.