APOCALMAR(21st Daegu tournament 1st place 4-1)

MrGlue 52

Due to the harsh livelihood, I couldn’t build deck for the tournament. Then at meetup, I had a suggestion of building anarch Apocalypse deck. I am so addicted to Apocalypse decks and built tons of them(Steve, Los, Gabriel, Laramy, Ayla, Smoke, etc.), and that caught my mind. So I built this deck, but it didn’t work out well at meetup and decided to use Geist deck. But at the last moment, I got tempted to use this deck by my meetup member, and used this deck.

Anarch has tons of tools for Apocalypse, but can’t get hold on Apocalypse in grip. So I had to start considering from picking ID. The candidates were Kim, Maxx, Valencia, Quetzal, and Omar. I hate to show apocalypse to corps, so Maxx was out. Valencia was also out due to the minimum deck size, making hard to find Apocalypse. Considering with other 3, Omar's ID ability forces corps to install ICE at archives, and makes thinner ICE at centrals. I also saw lots of decks concentrating only on scoring server, so it seemed Omar would be good choice to use Apocalypse repeatedly.

Next obstacle was Omar’s influence. Only 3 influences left after putting 3 Apocalypses in the deck(which I usually do when building Apocalypse decks) made me hard to decide number of Apocalypses to put in to the deck. My final decision was to put 3 in to use repeatedly & get Apocalypse at the right time. 3 Career Fair was then put in for resources for draw, economy, Apocalypse tool(DDoS). Rumor Mill was selected from restricted list for current fights and to block MCA Austerity Policy, which makes hard to hit Apocalypse. Since this deck uses DDoS and less breaking subroutines leads to winning, En Passant was added. EMP Device and Run Amok was added for handling 3 or more ICE(and Run Amok + En Passant too). To ruin corp before and after Apocalypse, Mining Accident, eXer, Cutlury was in. 2 Eater and 1 D4v1d was put in to help conspiracy breakers. Got anarch’s friend for draws and economy, but Inject isn’t in for the reason I mentioned before, hating to show Apocalypse to corp. I considered about adding Chop Bot to use after Apocalypse, but was cut out not having much cards to be left face down.

It was lucky for me not having Jinteki at the tournament, which trashes Apocalypse from grip a lot. For this reason, I got 4-1 at the tournament.

Modification thoughts after tournament is hard to tell due to lack of diversity in corp IDs, but removing cutlery and adding more DDoS, Run Amok, En Passant or putting Same Old Thing and Amped Up might be better for matches with Jinteki. EMP Device didn’t work out so well, but I think it’s necessary for glacial types.

30 Apr 2018 nodtrio

Daegu is hot.

30 Apr 2018 Noroo :D

Hot is daegu

30 Apr 2018 zmb

Neat Apoc deck! Have you considered Stim Dealer? That extra click is pretty handy if you want to Same Old Thing your Apocalypse, and also has great synergy with Apoc, as it is turned upside down, negating the BD downside of the card (pun intended ;-)

1 May 2018 Skullbotrock

What is the reasoning behind EMP device? It doesn't prevent them from rezzing one piece of ETR to protect a scoring server after an APOC. Wouldn't it be better to have that be a 2nd copy of paperclip so you can recover if you have to flip it due to an emergency Apocalypse run?

2 May 2018 MrGlue

@zmb Sounds great! Might try that.

@Skullbotrock EMP is for 'before' apocalypse, not after. Run Amok & DDoS will do the trick for the case you've mentioned.