There Hasn't Been A New Party Anthem Since Gangnam Style

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This just in: brand new ARCHETYPE. Never BEFORE seen. GAME CHANGING. You might WIN a game with this, MAYBE. Runners will HATE you. Corporate employees uwill WISH you were their BIG BOSS.

This is not a prison deck. The win condition is concession. Focus on frustrating your opponent as much as possible until they give up and let you have the win.


How to play this deck:
1) Kinda play it like Gagarin Prison (this is not a prison deck)
2) Shuffle your deck a lot
3) Tell your opponent to wait to take actions until you complete your shuffles
4) Call your opponent out on small technicalities, but waive your own shortcomings
5) Shuffle some more
6) Repeatedly ask your opponent if they would like to concede

I don't advise playing this in tourneys or on Jnet (Jnet does not accurately simulate the shuffling experience). Highly recommended for casual game nights. New players and players returning after their frustration with past metas are prime targets.




Card choices / explanations:
- Executive Search Firm: allows you to convert clicks into shuffles. There is no better feeling than playing against a corp that fails to find three times in a row.
- Levy: not super useful late game but great for going broke early game and getting those early shuffles
- Museum of History: probably the strongest clickless shuffle in the game; no wonder it's on MWL
- BOOM!: sometimes this accidentally kills the runner
- Localized Product Line: prioritize Miraju, then Bankers, then Pads
- Hortum: good at dealing w Turtles (psst, it also has a secret shuffle ability)
- Miraju: the bread to Museum's butter; free shuffles every time the runner tries to end their suffering
- Sadaka: has the option to either arrange the top 3 cards of R&D or shuffle, guess what you're choosing


Credits to 30 Under 30 Media Luminary Griffin McElroy for the deck name, and @ila for the many months testing exclusively against the deck as I refined it.

20 Apr 2018 ila

That game we played certainly felt like it lasted months.

20 Apr 2018 rumirumirumirumi

Imagine my horror: sitting beside you, watching you repeatedly shuffle your unsleaved cards. That alone would have got my concession just to keep your cards from suffering like that.

21 Apr 2018 AkAnderson

Such a sweet sweet deck. Shuffle heaven now? SHUFFLE HEAVEN NOW!

21 Apr 2018 SonOfATurtle

Sometimes you just gotta click Executive Search Firm three times a turn just to display your powers.

23 Apr 2018 kata124

Shuffle heaven NOW! I found a new combo: consulting visit -> consulting visit -> preemptive to shuffle three times and get back the consulting visits and your Executive Search Firm.

23 Apr 2018 ila

Is there any way we could get some value Biotics in there for extra clicks to use the Search Firm?

23 Apr 2018 kata124

Ooh that sounds nice. Might be tough with influence so tight. Maybe cut Hard Hitting? HHN is a strong card but it doesn’t help forward the deck’s strategy.