Cambridge Analytica

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Scoogsy 83

In this modern age of social media and big data, no ones information is truly their own.

NBN: Making News of course is at the forefront of ensuring everyone, EVERYONE, is fed the news they need. They are a part of the news story, whether they know it or not. NBN: Making News ensures no one is left behind, no one is missed, in their pursuit of the most Hard-Hitting News stories. Of course, no trace of Biased Reporting will be found (even where some may exist). Be aware though, that once NBN: Making News ensnares you in their web, they will find the most pertinent information to sell their story, either by knocking Door to Door if they have to, and they won't stop at anything even if that means Exchanging Information with their most depraved contacts, or Closing Accounts if anyone tries to undermine them.

I made this deck, along with several other corp decks i'm working on, as a straight up NBN theme. This deck is meant to be fun and fair, using the core set ID, and essentially a variety of cards which support it.

You're aim from the get go is to just try to out money the runner. You'll want to start that by getting a Door to Door out as soon as you can (opening hand is preferred), or if you have to Consulting Visit one out. That will let you suck credits and slow the runner down right away, as you can pump your trace with your ID ability, or they are slowed down by clearing a pesky tag.

Ice is designed inline with what NBN is known for, to tax the runner, not necessarily keep them out. Turn Pike is a fantastic tax for such a low cost, Data Raven is it's usual great self in costing a runner a tag to get past, and IP Block is just good all round, and fantastic if an AI is installed (Aumakua).

Macrophage holds a specialised place, because it synergises with Aryabhata Tech. You are best to defend your Aryabhata Tech with Macrophage, as it will net you 3 - 4 creds, and cost the runner as much, even if they don't compete with the traces (bar the end the run). It's again a costly endeavour for the runner just to trash that. Aryabhata obviously harmonises with Door to Door, and you can throw another Macrophage on R&D later, which means they have to break it even if they don't have virus programs, or be happy to give you 3 creds, while they lose 3.

Biased Reporting pays big time from about half way through a game, when a runner generally has a few resources out (last game I played against Geist I think I netted over 20 credits from one use).

Once you have the credit advantage, you just start playing all your usual NBN tricks.

You'll want to score out a Net Quarantine as soon as you can. Often you can do this early in the game when a runner is setting up. But even if they do snipe it, you can exchange it later for 15 Minutes.

Yes, the idea here is to score agendas out the old fashioned way, through manual advancing, but as you can just keep the runner low on credits, and drag them through a Data Raven/Toll Booth remote with a NGO behind it, you end up sending the runner into the hole, creating scoring windows.

It is all straight up NBN: Making News, but it's fun, and doesn't rely on the tired Boom! combos we've seen out of NBN for so long.