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My Weyland deck that I play on I've tried to find another corp I enjoy as much, but at the moment there isn't one. I've honed it a fair bit, and it's pretty unpleasant, but it's definitely very beatable by a skilled runner with a solid economy. Its wins are about 50/50 death to scoring, but in every case the threat of one enables the other.

The plan here is a take on the old skool Supermodernism archetype. You want to score worryingly fast while threatening the kill. It's way more taxing than those decks used to be though, and you can sometimes win by building a glacier and playing the long game.

Card notes

Blue Sun is still a good ID. It doesn't need gimmicks. Bouncing campaigns for infinite cash and never-advance bluffs is good. Rezzing disproportionately expensive ice because you know you can bounce it to stay solvent is good. Bouncing smaller ice because it gives you those few vital credits to land Hard-Hitting News is good.

Economic Warfare gives Hard-Hitting News an enormous threat range, creates scoring windows and is generally extremely upsetting for the runner.

Bryan Stinson is good (shocking I know), but he's not your main focus so I think one copy is the right number. Slots are absurdly tight in this build.

Hailstorm is questionable, but it's a project card, so here's my defense: Being Blue Sun mitigates the price tag, and sometimes that front sub is a very nasty surprise. I've fried more than one Black Orchestra with it. Also, Pirate Hayley runs LARLA and a bunch of breakers that really don't want to see a second sub, so there's that.

IP Block is the new Eli 1.0. It's just excellent. Plus I really hate the Turtle

Zealous Judge does a bunch of work in this deck. It turns Mausolus into a monstrous threat, and it creates a fork with Hard-Hitting News. On, you have to train yourself to click at precisely the right moment to rez it after the runner has cleared 3 HHN tags. Then you can let them take back their fourth click because they were just hammering the button.

Scarcity of Resources is probably the strongest candidate in the deck for 'card I should have another copy of'. It's just really good. Plays to the deck's taxing strengths, and gives counterplay against runner currents, many of which are quite upsetting.

Best Defense is the card you could cut for the second Scarcity. It's often worthless, but it's sometimes devastating. Obviously its favourite target is Misdirection, but Bookmark, Off-Campus Apartment and sometimes Same Old Thing are all examples of other good targets. I hear it interacts with tags in some way too, but I've never been in a position to verify this.

Reversed Accounts is a vital bluff/fork play. Whether the runner runs it or not, it can be invaluable in setting up either a scoring window or a kill.

Armed Intimidation is on probation. It used to be a Corporate Sales Team, which was very nice. The Intimidation has done some good work though, and crucially, it's much cooler.

6 Apr 2018 X◒F

Looks neat. Gotta try this out because it looks exactly like what i was looking for. question: Do you install the Judge naked or in your Scoring remote? Because both options seem to have serious drawbacks. Or do you play with two remotes for the campains anyway?

6 Apr 2018 Greasythumb

What to ice and what to install naked is very context dependent. It depends on whether you think you're onto a scoring win or a kill, whether the runner is broke or rich, whether you have access to Hard-Hitting News and a host of other factors. Experiment to find out what works and vary your strategy to suit the matchup.

With Judge I usually prefer to have some ice in front of it, because it's way more problematic for the runner that way. I have won with naked judges though. This can be a good play when the runner has a resource economy, which means that even one tag is disastrous.

I often end up with a secondary remote for various reasons. Campaigns can often be installed naked, but in a long game it's definitely nice to give them a bit of protection. If the runner gives up on running them, you can bluff out a Project Atlas by installing it when you'd usually renew your campaign.

6 Apr 2018 Greasythumb

If the runner is broke and you have HHN in hand, feel free to put a Judge in your scoring remote and Install-Advance an Oaktown Renovation in a new remote. Your not a real Weyland player until you've scored a naked Oaktown.

6 Apr 2018 emilyspine

I used to play something very like this before rotation with Midseasons and Boom and I miss it hugely. Looking forward to trying it out again

7 Apr 2018 RepoRogue

Awesome list! Why Adonis over Marilyn? Adonis is a bigger drip, especially if you're replaying it, but Marilyn would free up influence and be more resistant to trashing.

7 Apr 2018 Greasythumb

@RepoRogue Marilyn is definitely worth testing, but I like Adonis because you can bounce it for three early on, essentially making it a replayable Beanstalk Royalties. I often pick up campaigns before they're spent to make use of the remotes they're in, so the bigger payload is very significant. 6 is often enough to try and sneak out an Atlas with a counter, and this deck wants to present serious scoring threats as soon as possible.

7 Apr 2018 Ulkrond

Why Bastion over Spiderweb?

8 Apr 2018 Simone Suka

@Ulkrond cus the only breaker is paperclip and bastions costs as spiderweb for it but it needs 4 virus on turtle instead of 2