Unscheduled Möbius (2nd @ Århus SC)

HoneyBadger 129

Super fun deck I have blatantly stolen and tweaked to my liking. The main purpose is to hit RnD with Equivocation over and over again and hopefully dismantle their board with Leela. Then you play maintenance and watch them cry as they can only install 1 ICE and have to throw 5-6 cards away. Can win though both mill and scoring out. When going off it works as pretty much 2 makers eyes each round. Which is good! Main grips is that femming an Anansi costs 9 and Kakugo ruins your day. That is why 1 bird is in there.

5 Apr 2018 zmb

I can testament that it does rough work on RnD. You defo were unlucky with your accesses (i Hostile Takeover for a 13 deep dig). Good games and nice with cold beers to finish up with :)

5 Apr 2018 Tarmus256

Super fun is the word(s) here, thanks so much for sharing this unique deck. I'm wondering if Wari could be fit in here somewhere, definitely would combo nicely with the expose on Deuces Wild...

7 Apr 2018 Simone Suka

i'm trying a different version (3x sac con over peace, other stuff...i've less money i see) and it's 5 - 0 for now

9 Apr 2018 zmb

I agree with @Tarmus256. I've included Wari in my "stuff their hands full Leela" and in my ApocSteve and it's been surprisingly good