Noah's Ark, the movie, the deck

Cpt_nice 550

This deck is bad, and I should probably feel bad.

I was looking through my decks on Jinteki and noticed this list I made ages ago, near the bottom. It was inspired by a runner deck I saw floating around somewhere, including as many animals as possible (bird breakers, dog breakers, Aumakua, Dinosaurus...), just for the heck of it. I found it pretty funny so I decided to make a corp version of that.

I decided to go with NBN so you have access to Quantum Kitty as an agenda. To include as many animals as possible, I took an ID with 17 influence, which ended up being Harishchandra so the deck could be as janky as possible.

The end result? Noah's Ark! Well, we don't really have two of every animal. But we got some sneks, a giraffe, pussies, more dogs than you can shake a stick at, a couple of herrings, plenty of birds, a bull, a turtle (sort of), a f*ckton of bees (kinda), polar bears, a cowardly lion and one gross bug thingy.

Game plan? Euhm... Try to make a tag stick and exchange your 15 minutes or Kitty for a SSL (good) or Vanity Project (the dream). Never advance a Beale. Pray?

Honestly, don't expect to win with this deck. I just made it for lulz. And it was a good teaching moment. Apparently animals like sentries. Who would have guessed.

Also, if you have animals to add to the Ark, tell me in the comments!

31 Mar 2018 cripplingselfdoubt

It has no animals on it, but I can't shake the idea that Ark Lockdown needs to be included.

31 Mar 2018 flimflam

it has a honeyfarm 5/5

1 Apr 2018 ErgoMagnificent

When you tag the runner and they have you reveal their hand you can mock them for how few animals they have. Unless they're playing Pirate Hayley, of course. But we can't expect everybody to be decent in times like these.