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amnesiaphilia 100

Life moves pretty fast

This here is a fun Ken deck based around the click compression of Comet and a run first, ask questions (like what ICE is that) later mentality. Build Script and Process Automation keep your hand full while you hammer the Corp across their main servers. Aumakua enables an aggressive early game, along with Inside Job and Spear Phishing, and GPI Net Tap can help you power the turtle back up after a virus purge. The other breakers are key for the mid and late game, enabling you to Leave No Trace confidently on IAA in the totally unrezzed scoring remote.

In another version of this deck I'm testing Exclusive Party, I'm still not sure about which version is better but for reference I took out x3 Easy Mark, x2 Public Terminal, and x1 Same Old Thing. It works okay but I definitely miss the money.

Tapwrm is an odd card in this deck, as it's hard to find a good time to install it when you're running aggressively early and building counters on turtle. Still, against corps that make bank it can really help keep you in the game if it is allowed to stick around for a while. I would definitely consider taking it out for Film Critic depending on the meta.

Hunting Grounds is an automatic one-of in any runner deck I make these days.

*Reposted to get rid of that annoying "This deck is not legal due to blah blah" for clicking on the original core instead of revised core version of cards. Please forgive me

1 Apr 2018 znsolomon

I'm currently running comet out of shaper, and I must say that Exclusive Party is one of the most important cards in those decks. The ability to blitz through your deck as quickly as possible makes the massive cash boosts it gives you so effective. This deck does seem more combo-focused than mine though, so I understand if you want to dial back the draw power a bit.

1 Apr 2018 amnesiaphilia

@znsolomon Do you run Build Script and Process Automation? I have considered swapping both of those out for Exclusive Party, but they give a little more draw overall and the money on them is a little more front-loaded, especially because I run Easy Mark in addition. Early money is very important to me, and is the main reason why I'm not sold on Exclusive Party here. Although I could see taking out maybe one of each, one Tapwrm, one Easy Mark, and one Same Old Thing to include Exclusive Party? But I'd only do that if I needed to free up influence for something like a Film Critic.

3 Apr 2018 znsolomon

@amnesiaphiliaI run 2 build script and 3 process, along with 3 deuces. My list is out of shaper though, and I think the criminal one is much more focused on combo turns with inside job rather than my deck's 'make a huge pile of money by drawing your entire deck, then remote camp + play indexing'. I'd replace the Tapwrm, corps will just purge it away and you can't protect it. Cutting those and the easy marks for 6x party would make the deck better.

Party does give early money if you play it right. The main trick is to overdraw and discard the first one, then power through your deck to find the rest. The 5th and 6th parties are such good burst econ, it's worth the slower start.

4 Apr 2018 amnesiaphilia

@znsolomon Ah okay, yes those are very different styles to which we play this console! Instead of R&D lock + remote sniping, I play very aggressively early with the intention of putting the corp on the back foot. So the Inside Job and the Spear Phishing are a big part of that. I'm still up in the air on Film Critic, I have a version of this deck now that I really enjoy with -1 SoT and -1 Tapwrm for +2 Interdiction and another where I remove Tapwrm entirely for the Film Critic. I could see swapping a SoT for a Public Terminal, needs more testing. I am definitely going to continue testing the Exclusive Party in it, and actually I'm starting to think it would be superior to the Tapwrm when it comes to late-game pressure. Maybe a lot of it at this point comes down to meta-sniping though, Tapwrm would probably be preferred to Film Critic if I expected Glacier over Jinteki or Punitive or if I need to free up influence to slot Clot or something similar. Also, the tempo hit of the corp having to purge a Tapwrm is considerable for an aggressive deck like this, which makes it feel less bad when it happens. Just means they're playing on my terms, instead of the other way around.

4 Apr 2018 znsolomon

@amnesiaphiliaIn that case, I'd try to focus more on high pressure aggressive events and cards that can capitalise on them, rather than draw and tech cards. Try Mining Accident, The Turning Wheel, even ice pressure like Run Amok and En Passant (all that was off the top of my head, I'm sure there's some good stuff in criminal too). At that point you're basically playing a headlock deck that uses efficiency to have a stronger late-game plan than many of the older decks.

4 Apr 2018 znsolomon

Having looked at the criminal events, other ones to consider: Forged Activation Orders, Emergency Shutdown and Corporate "Grant" are all good choices.

29 Apr 2018 xSp4cemanSpiffx

Where are you finding the influence to swap Tapwrm for Film Critic?

30 Apr 2018 amnesiaphilia

Haven't played this deck much since 419: Amoral Scammer came out, but was running +6 Exclusive Party -3 Easy Mark -3 Tapwrm -2 Build Script +2 Film Critic. I still don't love Exclusive Party but this setup seemed to work pretty well for me, higher overall event count is nice and Film Critic is just too good vs too many things to leave out.

30 Apr 2018 amnesiaphilia

Oh and I've also been running with +2 Interdiction, -1 Same Old Thing, -1 Public Terminal. Because dropping an Interdiction vs an NGO Front feels so good