Adjusted Yu

Zeebag 18

Started messing around with using Yusuf as an AI that if setup can run a lot of Ice for a couple virus counters. Build virus counters, run on the cheap, punish the corp with Acacia if they wait to long to purge. Feels great when you have the Progenitor/Yusuf/Adjusted Matrix combo. After a purge you can still click through 4 strength Ice. Feels good.

This is definitely a work in progress so if anyone has suggestions on how to optimize I'm all ears.

12 Feb 2018 Sanjay

Wow, what a cool idea!

I don't know if you have the influence, but a one of Egret might be a nice trick to get through ice you don't want to click through.

12 Feb 2018 Zeebag

Thanks for the idea, I'll give it a shot!