Peepin' Pete (4-0 SF Gamescape GNK)

pj20 784

I play a lot of Geist. When I first added the Corporate Defector in my build, I was nicknamed “Peepin Pete” because I was either going to Spy Cam or see any card you drew with Corporate Defector. I decided to go all-in with the concept and added a Globalsec Security Clearance + Adjusted Chronotype to see the top card of R&D EVERY TURN, without losing a click.

The cool/weird side effect is that late game you can pile up Spy Cameras. This allows a few things. 1, if you want to, you can actually use the click ability. This came in handy once or twice when I knew there was no agendas in hand, on the board or on the top of R&D. 1 click with 5 Spy Cameras out lets you set up the rest of the turn, rearranging what you’re going to draw next (or put things in order for a Street Peddler). Those Spy Cams then also become 3 free clickless credits + a card draw when you need to make a yolo run. The last benefit is if you see an agenda with Globalsec, steal it, and want to see the NEXT card on R&D. I won 2 games like this, stealing the final 4-5 points on one turn just camping R&D.

Adjusted Chronotype can also be a niche MCAAP tech, allowing you to keep the click you would otherwise lose.

Otherwise it’s all basic Geist stuff, fun as hell to play, and very annoying to your opponents.