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pj20 784

This is the deck I played in the most recent Store Championship. It was a wild ride all day, but it was a blast in testing, and I think the deck can actually be good despite it’s 1-3 record on the day.

Game Plan: Priority Construction to get space ice on a remote, that can be rezzed for free/cheap. Ark Lockdown / Hunter Seeker to destroy Barriers and play for a potential lockout. Consulting Visit to get the Punitive, or an Ark Lockdown (or Mass Comm if you’re really broke). You have FA tricks with Audacity, Biotic Labor and Trick of Light.

Card Choices: High-Strength Space Ice with ETR. Takes a little bit to set-up, but can become expensive to break, even with Paperclip. Tax them out or stop them cold if you got rid of a Fracter.

Government Takeover because it’s fun as hell and lowers your agenda density. SSL because if it gets stolen, you still get paid, and sets up Punitive or Hunter Seeker. CVS for Clot or Turtle.

Game 1: Mulliganed into the Government Takeover, which he ripped turn 1, click 1. Turn 2, click 1, ripped an Atlas from R&D behind an Asteroid Belt. Game took about 90 seconds.

Game 2: Started with 2 ice and an Atlas. Iced the centrals and took a credit. Turn 2, mandatory draw the Government Takeover. Click 1 draw SSL. Click 2 draw SSL. His turn 3 he rips the Takeover and then Stimhacks HQ to steal an SSL. Ouch.

Game 3: got set-up and used Biotic to FA an Atlas from hand. Then Biotic with an Atlas counter to score another Atlas. After getting a big remote set-up with counters, I used Consulting Visit to Archived Memories to get a Biotic Labor back in hand (he had stolen an Atlas). Next turn Atlas Counter for SSL, Biotic RPC FTW.

Game 4: playing Wes Odom and his Kabonesa Wu, I put an SSL behind a triple-advanced Hortum because he only had an AI breaker out. He ran the remote, but since I was on 6-credits and a Hunter Seeker in hand, I let him steal it. But then last click he Deep Data Mined R&D to see 5 cards and stole another 3 points. With Consulting Visit in hand, I had an easy Punitive kill FTW…. Except I somehow forgot to put Punitive in my deck!! I mistakenly left a third Hunter Seeker in the deck and left out the Punitive, so I had to take a game loss. Live and learn!

13 Feb 2018 Dark

The deck is certainly a blast, I ran my own variant at my last store champ. I snuck a Nebula in there myself instead of Guard. Scored Government twice! The deck can just win out of nowhere

I dont know what I'd cut but im tempted to sneak an Old Hollywood Grid in there to prevent the RnD snipes