Los Emergent

GcFlash 58

I watched Andrej from the Metropole Grid play the deck that I have based this around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ARDImv1R4s about 1:18:00 in

There was a load of influence being spent on Paige Piper and I though why not blow more in to tutoring rather deck thinning.

It's always a pain getting all the bits you need when you need them in the Zamba, GPI Net Tap, Rubicon Switch & Aumakua build, with Emergent Creativity not only are you able to tutor but those dead draws become a discount.

I would love to have a Paperclip for even more synergy with Emergent Creativity, but that would mean cutting the Peace in Our Time and there just isn't a good replacement early econ card, for the moment.

13 Feb 2018 GcFlash

I've made some changes: