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Captainjock 34

When I saw Emergent Creativity, I immediately looked for the highest value available from this card and naturally ended up looking at Monolith.

There isn't a great deal of strategy for this deck, other than to try and mulligan for Emergent Creativity and Monolith, but as the one of, Emergent Creativity is the priority.

When you have these in hand, draw for three programs then have some fun.

Don't take this to a store champs like I did, unless you want to come last, like I did :)

12 Feb 2018 FreqKing

Hats off for trying!

12 Feb 2018 kollapse

My friends are discussing why you didn't just do the opposite of what you did - import Monolith to Adam?

12 Feb 2018 Captainjock

@kollapse I considered it, but I haven't played much Adam, and wouldn't know which programs to include.

In my mind, the benefit of doing it out of Kit was the fact I could install Inversificator and run a 2 deep server if the combo never appeared.

It was put to me that this deck may work better out of BIOS, with a Rebirth into Kit. I am not sure if it is even worth trying.

12 Feb 2018 Captainjock

@kollapseI haven't played a great deal of Adam, so wouldn't know what breaker suite to use.

Kit is fairly straight forward in that respect.

12 Feb 2018 lordofthetoasters

I played this in Bios with 3x Creativity. It suffered from the classic Shaper problem of "I've got breakers and money now, but you're on 5 points".

12 Feb 2018 Greasythumb

My question is: How do you get value out of Monolith? Its problem has always been that it's not actually worth 18. This deck seems like it would struggle to even use all the free installs.

13 Feb 2018 Captainjock

@Greasythumb I use Emergent Creativity to install Monolith for 2 clicks and 2 credits, and keep a hold of worthwhile programs I get while drawing into the combo.

Even if only one or two programs install, it is great value.

I doubt that installing Monolith for 18 would ever be worthwhile.