Turn 2 Government Takeover

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Lttlefoot 1063

How to score Government Takeover on turn 2: Mushin a Reconstruction Contract (threatening that it is a Junebug), then on your next turn use Dedication Ceremony twice, install the GT and move the counters over to it.

Other things you can do in this deck: Rush things behind Mother Goddess / Hive, flatline people with Punitive Counterstrike, and tutor for 1-of operations at appropriate times with Consulting Visit.

12 Jan 2018 Oooer

I may be missing something, but if you do manage to pull off the 5 card combo turn 2, how do you then win? Could you find room for some hostile takeovers to help close the game?

12 Jan 2018 Lttlefoot

You should have enough credits from GT's ability to then threaten double punitive (consulting visit helps) on your next agenda. Or you mushin another agenda or you score behind mogo

12 Jan 2018 SillySod

Landing a double punitive combo is a bit of a pipe dream (as is drawing 5/6 cards to make the turn 2 combo). Lots of the ideas are good but it doesn't quite come together. Is there any way to jivvy the deck into a Jemison format? Jemison would give you more FA and make Hostile, Junebug and the 3-point agendas feel a bit more comfortable.

13 Jan 2018 EnderA

This deck is definitely on to something, but @SillySod is probably right. Jemison Astronautics gives FA, Project Junebug combo (forfeit an agenda after they commit to access), agenda value, and other things.

Gene Splicer is an option for the 7th point. It combos nicely with Mushin No Shin or Dedication Ceremony. It's easily trashed, though.

Once City Works Project comes out, it will be a powerful addition to the deck.

Breached Dome/Prisec/Mr. Stone are the three best cards for naturally triggering Reconstruction Contract, if desired. Contract Killer works as a Mushin No Shin target and Film Critic destroyer, or you can use Corporate Town for on-demand Jemison triggers and FC destruction.

23 Jan 2018 zmb

You could also throw in a "Clones are not People" or Public Support