A legitimately good ASA deck

conorfaolan 51

Currently this deck is 10 wins and 0 Losses on Jinteki.net Honestly the deck playing like good old fashioned netrunner alternating between fast advance and glacier as needed. The ICE suite is designed with the conspiracy breakers and Aumakua in mind which are rampant.



Ikawah Project: Ikawah feels fantastic, I love that it can't be stolen by someone clicking through Fairchild 3.0 or Turing and that it's imune to gang sign.

Director Haas' Pet Project: A pet card of mine and a fun card to fast advance out in the midgame.

Project Vitruvius: Our mandatory 3/2 nothing much to say here.

Corporate Sales Team: Honestly this could be any two-pointer but it's my favourite of the options and a good card to rush out in the early game.



Adonis Campaign: Your ID ability naturally inclines you towards playing economy that needs protecting such as Adonis Campaign.

Advanced Assembly Lines: This card plays really well with you id ability allowing you to trigger it on your opponent's turn. It also plays well with Ultraviolet Clearance allowing you to empty your hand and not discard to hand size.

Daily Business Show: Another card that naturally wants to be protected. Getting to sculpt you hand is game changing.

Jeeves Model Bioroids: This started out as a one-of to test it out but i actually like how it plays with just one copy.

Marilyn Campaign: Adonis' less interesting sibling.

The Root: I don't have the influence for more copies but in games where they let this sit there you get out of control.



Ash 2X3ZB9CY: For when you want to play glacier.

Breaker Bay Grid: This put Adonis, The root and Calibration Testing into overdrive and synergises naturally with you ID ability.

Calibration Testing: Think of this as Biotic Labour that's two credits cheaper.



Biotic Labour: Honestly I don't find myself looking for a second copy so for me one is fine. You may find yourself wanting more.

Hedge Fund: Still a good card.

Ultraviolet Clearance: I have been loving this card in the deck. Normally the problem with the clearance cards is that you end up over drawing and wasting the value. With ASA you can safely use UV clearance when you have four cards in hand.



Najja 1.0: Give how ubiquitous paperclip is Najja is the only barrier I like.

Fairchild 3.0: What a beast. Horrific to face check and a pain to break.

Turing: This is in here as a defence against Aumakua but is still a pain to break with Black Orchestra.

Macrophage: Think of this as a Turing but for centrals instead of remotes.

Architect: As good now as it ever was.

Ichi 1.0: A pain to break with MKUltra and decent all round sentry. Swordsman: Yet more Turtles hate.

9 Jan 2018 DjMiniboss

How would you like Seidr Adaptive Barrier over Najja? It's much less porous in the early game and doesn't suffer from Paperclip too much.

9 Jan 2018 Manadog

Calibration Testing - 9 influence seems like a lot for a slightly cheaper but significantly more vulnerable biotic, especially when you aren't running 3 biotics. I know it has synergy and it's new but there has to be a better use of that influence.

9 Jan 2018 conorfaolan

@DjMinibossI tested the two of them together and basically always found myself preferring Najja over Seidr. You so rarely have three Ice on a server which is the point at which Seidr gets to be worth it. If you're looking for less porous I could see vanilla being the call.

9 Jan 2018 conorfaolan

@DjMiniboss I tested them both out in the deck to begin with and found myself prefering Najja. If less porous is what you want I could see vanilla being correct.

9 Jan 2018 conorfaolan

@DjMinibossI tested Seidr Adaptive Barrier allong with Najja 1.0 in the first build. I always found myself preferring the cheapness of Najja. I could however see an argument being made for vanilla.

9 Jan 2018 conorfaolan

@Manadog Calibration Testing has a lot of neat uses like getting it for free with Breaker Bay Grid or The Root or recurring it with Director Haas' Pet Project. That said a version using more Biotic labour and more Jeeves Model Bioroids instead of Calibration Testing is certainly a thing i could see being good.

9 Jan 2018 PyWiz

@conorfaolan at that point why not just play CI though? It seems to me like the Calibration Testing + BBG synergy is kind of a big selling point for ASA. You can go low on credits and still threaten to score from hand. That said, maybe I'm overrating that ability a bit. Has that been relevant at all or is Calibration Testing more or less just Biotic?

10 Jan 2018 conorfaolan

@PyWizScoring with the Breaker bay grid and Calibration testing has been neat when it comes up but it hasn't come up that often. It's essentially a cheaper Biotic.

10 Jan 2018 Skeletons

I really like the combo of Pet Project with ASA's ability and Calibration Testing. That's fun :)