To be clear, it's because I hate you (6th, 4-1, Chicago)

Vermilious 106

A hard tempo control Palana, 4-1 in Swiss with its only loss to the eventual champion, on the last run he could have made that game (no cards in deck, one card in hand, automatic net damage on every server). The name of the game is keeping them low on cards and stressed for actions. Your turns should be relatively simple: install ICE or upgrades, make money, score out. The general goal is that runners should never end a run with more than three cards in hand. The trick is then to know when to hit for incidental damage, and know when to let your traps or HoK counters pass by unused.

Specific card choices and logic

NASX: You need a way to manage Beth Kilrain-Chang and Tapwrm, and this is it. NASX can store your Palana credits every turn to keep you at 14 credits, enough to rez 2 pain-in-the-ass ICE, but not enough to give the runner 5 clicks or 3 drip. Eventually, it's too much of a threat, and must be trashed. That opens the runner up for HHN or Wake Up Call.

Hard-Hitting News and Wake Up Call: Deterrents. With Prisec, the runner will almost always trash, turning on Wake Up Call. It's here to kill Feedback Filter, Maw, and Beth Kilrain-Chang. HHN takes care of all other problematic resources. The punishment for being tagged is losing a turn, and money, and that's generally enough for you to pull back ahead.

Corporate Sales Team: This could easily be a Nisei MK II, but I've found the money really useful. CST is the first or second agenda I score, usually, and those ten credits become a second Chiyashi when games go long.

9 Jan 2018 Vermilious

For the record, this is only showing as illegal thanks to Snare!. It shouldn't have any tournament issues.

9 Jan 2018 dawspawn

I definitely understand HHN, but did you ever try Ark Lockdown in that slot? It seems like that could be really powerful with all the damage, especially with all the Maxx running around.

9 Jan 2018 Vermilious

@dawspawn Surprise Chronos Project is generally my solution to recursion. I'll need to think about Lockdown now that Wake Up Call exists, but otherwise you really need to run Voter Intimidation to deal with things like Net Mercur. HHN and straight tags seemed cleaner in the current iteration.

That said, all of the influence besides Data Loop is flexible, and can be tailored however you feel without too much harm to the core conceit.

10 Jan 2018 Saan

What a cool deck. At first glance, though, it does seem pretty poor compared to most Palana decks I've build/seen, especially considering the bulky ICE suite. How's that working out for you?

10 Jan 2018 Vermilious

@Saan I can honestly say that money has never been an issue. Previous iterations of the deck ran Hedge Fund and Biased Reporting but those both felt win-more.

18 Jan 2018 profDEADPOOL

What's the reason/logic behind Crisium Grid?