Biotic Labor Shortage - 1st Place Asgard Games SC

DoomRat 483

This is the Adam deck I piloted to first place at the Asgard Games store championship, paired with Dr.Foo's Cheating Banker's Titan Deck (it's pretty good, you should go look at his).

There's a lot I could talk about for this deck, but realistically, the only cards that mattered on the day were Employee Strike, Neutralize All Threats and Find the Truth. The meta was 50%+ CI (and I ended up playing against nothing else), so starting with my multi-access on the board was great, and Employee Strike keeps them from hiding the agendas in a massive hand, and really that's all I needed.

Quick shout out to @Venali for the ride to the event and Asgard Games for being awesome (they gave all the entry fees back in store credit!).

8 Jan 2018 grogboxer

not much to say except that I remember when Asgard opened as I still lived in Houston, and the owner (Will?) was such a nice guy. Glad they're still doing well.

Congrats on piloting Adam to victory!

8 Jan 2018 Dazzler

1 question, Why crypsis ?

8 Jan 2018 DoomRat

@Dazzler Its not great, but it gets the job when I can't find a breaker or vs. Skorpios. The only other viable option in that slot is Overmind, but it doesn't play nice with reg. breakers and Multithreader.

12 Jan 2018 Koga

Would you consider trying to free up some influence to replace Na'Not'K for Puffer? Seems like the best killer considering the amount of MU that Brain Chip could give you

12 Jan 2018 Koga

Would you consider freeing up some influence to replace Na'Not'K with Puffer? Seems the best killer and with Brain Chip you should have no MU problems

18 Jan 2018 DoomRat

@KogaGames where you don't steal early can be really tight on MU (since you want to keep data folding firing). If it were a straight swap I think it'd be worth looking at anyway, but I don't think its worth giving up Special Order for.