Skorp - 1st Reading SC

lpoulter 854

Decided to take Skorp to this SC for a few reasons. Firstly because i was a little board of the meta and wanted a change. I also believe it's better then people give it credit espically with Maxx being quite popular at the moment.

Play this like a rush deck, go super hard unless your playing against shaper then go harder. I think it would be better with 3 standoffs and dropping some IPO's for beanstalks.

Some videos of my not icing centrals here:

6 Jan 2018 emilyspine


Congrats Laurie!

7 Jan 2018 shanodin

Did you miss the Biotic Labours?

7 Jan 2018 lpoulter

Didn't test a ton with biotic, the lines it opens up are kinda edge. I liked wrap and roto to0 much and no real way to fit both biotic and them. I will try 1 wrap 1 roto and biotic.

9 Jan 2018 EnderA

My favorite card for Skorp is Navi Mumbai City Grid, which wrecks Sacrificial Construct/Clone Chip/Self-modifying Code/D4v1d/Dean Lister/etc. Mostly SacCon so your Marcus Batty can kill stuff.