Turtle Pilot

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Mazz 72

When Sovereign Sight lands in the UK I'll be swapping in Zamba and trying to pry an HQ interface back in. This is the next project to work on, Silhouette has always intrigued me, and I feel it is finally time to step away from Anarchs who I have been hooked on for a long time.

The general plan here is to keep hitting HQ and dropping 2 counters on the turtle a turn and building up turning wheel, if they aren't rezzing ICE then gpi for more tokens, and if they do then Gauntlet for more access, then shut it down.

Then when they finally lock down HQ makers eye into R&D for the win.

Caldera is there to dodge the Jinteki match ups that small decks hate, Peace helps get rolling fast, and dropping 2 of these is usually enough to keep you going for most of the game.

Any suggestions welcome :)

3 Jan 2018 Crowe

I've been running something very similar. Very fun concept. At the moment I've been toying with Leave No Trace - potentially brutal on a 3 ice server eirh gpi, Turtle and zamba out, and can give the Corp some tough decisions

Drive By hasn't been worth it for me, and I'm moving towards Ankusa as my factor to deal with ice like kakugo.

3 Jan 2018 Mazz

I hadn't considered ankusa 3 inf is tough, I could drop a makers eye and a peace for one.

3 Jan 2018 BizTheDad

Consider going with Saker -- a poor man's Ankusa out of Criminal. I've used that as a way to get past Kakugo.

3 Jan 2018 BizTheDad

Saker works well as an influence-free answer to Kakugo.

4 Jan 2018 Mazz

After a couple of games last night and I think the birds are a good call, they would also help with Chiyashi, losing 6 cards is an unpleasant experience, but costing them 12 credits to do that each time makes it more bearable. I found Tapwrm triggered a purge pretty fast, perhaps swapping these and the sac cons for something sustainable?

4 Jan 2018 x3r0h0ur

Theres a bit of antisynergy with peace in our time/tapwrm and eshutdown/birbs

Consider finding something else for econ and keeping the denial plan maybe?

19 Jan 2018 Dassie

I've included Aeneas Informant despite Zamba... would that work for you?

19 Jan 2018 Dassie

I've included Aeneas Informant despite Zamba, would that work for you?

19 Jan 2018 Dassie

I've used Aeneas Informant over Zamba. Would this work for you?