Dapper Adam - 2nd Place Alternate Worlds SC 2018

Conphas 583

This is the deck I took to the Alternate Worlds Store Championship. It was a small field, but I managed to get 2nd place with it, going 2-1 with both runner and corp. Since there were only 8 players there was no cut.

This deck is heavily based off the one Tundinator took to worlds and was Top Adam with.

Game 1: CTM. I was on 4 points. Corp had been bottoming every other agenda using DBS. But I scored a 15 minutes, forcing the corp to shuffle. They finally landed the HHN so I dug 6 cards on R&D to score 2 agendas and win. Equivocation + Tophat did a lot of work here.

Game 2: Glasshouse-ish CI. I was able to get to 4 points easily, but after that I was shutout by Architects. Turns out having a killer is important. lost 7-4

Game 3: Jemison. Corp scored 7 points, but had to forfeit 1 of them. I was a turn off of losing, so got TTW up to 4 counters, used equivocation to see 4 cards in R&D and won 7-6.

After so much time spent on an Adam build with Overminds and Inside Jobs, it was nice to be able to go a bit slower and setup while still maintaining pressure.