3rd @ Euregio7 & 2nd @ Cologne GNK - never advance Sol -

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Euregio 7 #3 of 29 Mirilu
Hiveworld October GNK #2 of 13 Mirilu
Monthly GNK in Berlin (Rudi's) #1 of 5 Mirilu
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Mirilu 129

This deck may not be tier 1 but it is really fun to play, and mean to play against. The main plan is to tax the runner as hell and play the never advance game. Marilyns and QPMs are really cool for this purpose. The kill plan is secondary (I actually only killed one runner in two tournaments). It should work against runner paying real money to break ICE. If you play against Smoke cry and rush as much as you can.

23 Oct 2017 Elodius

Grats on the results !

Looks fun and has my favourite playstyle for certain match-ups: cry

23 Oct 2017 Mirilu

Thanks Elodius ! Haha maybe if Smoke is not paying attention and does not play misdirection, you can switch to the kill plan ;)

23 Oct 2017 Mirilu

Thanks @Elodius ! Haha maybe if Smoke is not paying attention and does not play misdirection, you can switch to the kill plan ;)

25 Oct 2017 Klopstock

Seems cool! I fiddled around a little with Sol, but didn't have the patience to tune it into something good, this seems much better than my tries :) But are four currents enough? Of course, it sucks to draw the third current with another one in play, but doesn't it suck even more to play a blank ID because no current shows up?

25 Oct 2017 Mirilu

Thanks @Klopstock! I was considering to cut the Psycho for another current, but finally decided not to do it. I would do it if I could splash another scarcity, since you really want to have it early against against almost every runner. I played a lot against peace in our time and tapwyrm, so that playing targeted seemd awkward. I think that this deck has enough money, also because most of the ICE is cheap enough. I am seriously considering to cut the pop ups for enigmas, to be able to rush early against Smoke. It is not nice if you don't have the current early, but you still have the HHN threat and lots of taxing ICE. I use to click a lot for draw so that the currents should not be arriving to late.