Mordeqai 1789

Can stop.
Won't stop.
First prison deck post-rotation, and holy shit is this easier without Whizzard. Valencia doesn't even begin to scrape his power level vs asset spam, and she's all we have against it in the ID department. And she can be countered pretty easily.

Jumping straight in.

The Recursion Engine:

The core of any prison deck. The recent banlist did some work, notably killing off Friends in High Places and restricting Museum of History. While future versions of this deck will likely drop GFIs in favor of them, for now we're just trying out a fairly recent combo: Shannon Claire and Whampoa Reclamation. This effectively turns every card in your hand into an Archived Memories, spending 1 click, 1 card, and 0 credits to return a card from Archives to your hand. While this doesn't do a lot for the longevity of the deck, it does allow you to recur things much more precisely than with Museum. And like Museum, it combos well with Tech Startup, savings you the click to draw that spicy MCAAP. Additionally, both pieces of this combo serve to protect and hide agendas,


  • BOOM!: Play to win. Keep it in the trash so it doesn't get Slums'ed.

  • PsychoBeale: A classic. Rack up tags, win in 2 clicks.

  • MCA Austerity Policy: This card either forces runs to enable HHN, or just wins you the game through FA. Also enables double BOOM! with the Shannon trick described below. Very good asset to have sitting on a few Prisecs.

  • Zealous Judge: Once you land a tag, sit this guy on some Prisecs and you'll be golden. Bonus point for scored AR-Enhanced Security.

Tagging Cards:

  • AR-Enhanced Security: Very easy to NA since people fear HHN from turn one. After it's scored, you're basically a better CtM on top of already being NEH.

  • Hard-Hitting News: Many things in the deck force runs, including the threat of an NA'ed AR-Enhanced Security. Zealous Judge and MCAAP make sure the runner stays tagged, even if they have more than 8 credits. If Beth is an issue, just trace down to 14 credits.

  • MCA Informant: Like every other card here, just combo this with Zealous Judge. A future classic.

  • Thoth is a surprisingly good tagging ICE, and I generally use it in the same manner I use Prisecs: To compress the runner's clicks through tags if they attempt to kill your wincons. Put it over an MCAAP or Judge. If the runner is already swimming in tags, toss it on R&D, and use Sandburg for surprise flatlines.

Tech Cards:

  • Best Defense: Tapwrm/Sac Con, MISDIRECTION, and fracters. Stop them from stopping you and turn Vanillas into problems.

  • Exchange of Information: After a certain amount of tags (Generally 9+), the runner just won't clear them anymore without the help of Misdirection. Swap those early ARs or QPMs for the probably already stolen GFI.

Troublesome Runners, and How to Deal:

  • Valencia with Slums is really the biggest problem here, but you have some outs. Like I said earlier, Exposé hurts her, and can be recurred if she's trying to stack BP. Tags naturally hurt Slums, so if you can tag them before they install it you're still fine. Otherwise, you can just drop a Whampoa for Elizabeth Mills.

  • Leela Gang sign is a popular runner that loses a lot of threat once Whampoa Reclamation is on the board. HQ multiaccess altogether is pretty neutered by it.

  • Sunny is often hard to out-trace, which is why MCA Informant/Zealous is an auto-include here. Closed Accounts will break her lead, and the tags will enable you to destroy her income. If she persists to be a common problem, I could see dropping the QPMs and a Beale for 2 Net Quarantine, which could additionally snipe her programs.

In Conclusion

  • Always try to score an AR-Enhanced Security. That is the game winning card. Exchange for it if you need. Get that online.

  • If MCAAP's 2nd ability will permit you to get the credits to land an HHN, it's worth wasting. You'll get it back soon.

  • Stack Prisecs

5 Oct 2017 Saan

Personally, I'm just glad to have a yellow deck with the word "Shop" in it again.

6 Oct 2017 CodeMarvelous

This looks really good

6 Oct 2017 EnderA

Just... wow. So many combos I hadn't thought out all wrapped up together nicely.

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center is fantastic in asset spam now that card draw is hard to find. Whampoa Reclamation + Shannon Claire is brilliant. MCA Austerity Policy + Hard-Hitting News is brutal.

If I were to suggest an improvement, it would be replacing Reality Threedees with something else. Maybe this is different, but every time I've played it I've regretted it, especially in asset spam. NASX seems like a reasonable alternative if you want to stick to drip econ.

A lot of this could be converted into a Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon deck, too. They get Commercial Bankers Group, Illegal Arms Factory, Consulting Visit, BOOM!, Zealous Judge, and Elizabeth Mills in-faction. The biggest losses are the agendas.

7 Oct 2017 grogboxer

"A lot of this could be converted into a Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon deck, too. They get Commercial Bankers Group, Illegal Arms Factory, Consulting Visit, BOOM!, Zealous Judge, and Elizabeth Mills in-faction. The biggest losses are the agendas." lolololololololol

7 Oct 2017 garbageaggro

Is there anything that can stand in for Net Analytics in this list?

9 Oct 2017 EnderA

@garbageaggroThe closest card I can think of would be Daily Business Show.