Bryan Stinson - NEXT Designer for HB

Jandersoncad 933


So this deck has been absurd. My original version of it was derived from the Ultraviolet NEXT as well as NEXTinsion that took 5th at French Nationals. It’s extremely fast. And the best is when you get to do a turn one Bryan Stinson.

So in your opening hand you want roughly 2 ICE. You will usually get your third when your hand refills. There are so many cool lines such as Advanced Assembly Lines when you use Ultraviolet Clearance. And then install more things. The deck flies. It’s VERY straight forward. But some questions have been asked:

Why Advanced Concept Hopper over a certain really good 3/2? Well because ABT is gone and to be honest I get more “recursion” out of the Bryan I force them to play around and the draw is huge. I don’t run biotic so it’s just slam it and jam it.

On that note...WHY NO BIOTIC? Honestly because I like these agendas. They make me money. And it is letting me focus money on rezzing ice. I feel like runners will start running out of money having to run through all the taxing ice. I don't want to worry about holding pieces in my hand. Just install and go. Make the runner deal with it.

Deck is silly and its fun. Hope you all enjoy it. Also I have heard rumors of people doing this with Sandberg. I guess you can but I want to play this more rush and I don't want to slow down or have to build a new server. So maybe let me know what you think.

29 Sep 2017 Pyre

I was going the same route ! Successful Field Test may be better than Corporate Sales Team for the mass install boost : ultraviolet before score is really nice !

29 Sep 2017 Skeletons

I do love this archetype - although I like going all-in on three copies of Stinson :D

My current pre-rotation deck has NAPD Contracts and Heinlein Grid also. Even without the NAPDs, Heinlen Grid may stick around post-rotation, it's ultra punishing when it turns Stinson back on.

In place of GFI my 3-ptr agenda of choice is Elective Upgrade. This is why I don't bother with Biotics myself.

Sandburg is a sweet idea, I'll have to try that!

29 Sep 2017 Krams

You hate AI a lot, do you? :D

29 Sep 2017 Saan

It's almost like every deck is running Aumakua or something =P

1 Oct 2017 Benjen

Will definitely try this one out. I NEVER would have thought of Stinson in NEXT.

1 Oct 2017 syntaxbad

I have loved NEXT rush since forever and am always happy to see people giving new spins on it! I actually tried Barney in a pre-rotation ETF deck and he is bananas in HB. Primarily because all the best transactions are in HB. I think NEXT is in a good place now that runner doesn't automatically have 30 credits to play with by turn 3 every game. If they want to try and pressure your rush, they put themselves in Barney-land. You have not lived until you've Barney'd back an Ultraviolet Clearance.

1 Oct 2017 Jandersoncad

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. The deck has been a blast. Too keep you up-to-date with the current testing I've -1 Fairchild* +1 Fairchild 2.0. We are losing one end the run piece of ice and are gaining a very taxing facecheck. I couldn't warrant a magnet so if you want another etr I suggest Enigma.