Keung Fu

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moistloaf 163

What do you do when they take away your toys?

Make them afraid.

Make them very afraid.

I was really frustrated after losing Parasite, Siphon, and Medium. I was struggling to find an aggressive runner deck that was fun and still felt strong. At our weekly meet-up a couple days ago, a friend had an idea to build a deck with Fear the Masses. By the end of the night he had abandoned the idea, but I was inspired...

The main problem with Fear is it clogs your hand. Origami was out of the question; Public Sympathy rotated; but a certain rogue bioroid had a toy that would do the trick. It was a hefty influence cost, but that's where I started. I knew I wanted 3 Career Fair, playing resources and the heap breakers, so I was left with 3 influence. I decided to go the spiciest route I could think of and splash a NAT.

This deck is really fun, and has lots of vectors of attack. It's been faring well so far, and I wanted to put it out here for any other die-hard Anarchs who want to play aggro while we wait for the Elites to crack the meta. This is almost certainly not as Spikey as Turtles Val, but I think you'll be surprised how resilient it is.

15 Sep 2017 zmb

Interesting! What about using Bug Out Bag to draw up and The Noble Path to get to 0 cards?

15 Sep 2017 Pinkwarrior

@moistloaf you could also look at Box-E for hand size it would save inf and works straight away won't be as good later on mind once you've hit some agendas but worth considering imo.

15 Sep 2017 EmJayBee83

Quick question... why Neutralize All Threats as opposed to HQ Interface? For the same 6 influence someone not playing Omar might also consider 3x Bookmark.

15 Sep 2017 Valranoth

Is Omar just for the early pressure? I think that Wanton/Fear will put enough archives pressure as is.

Also, Komainu might make you very sad, so it might be worth slotting a Hunting Grounds.

15 Sep 2017 moistloaf

@zmbfor a two card combo involving Influence, the power level just isn't there

@Pinkwarrioryoull definitely find you want more than the 6 hand size granted by box-e

``@EmJayBee83` I'm on NAT because it costs 0 to install and against good ICE money can get tight. Playing an hqi may be better; I haven't tried it. I wouldn't consider bookmark because it's too click intensive to be storing cards. I would use Bookmark in a Shaper Fear build tho, with Laguna and probably Faust

@ValranothOmar delays the remote game, which Parasite, Medium and Siphon used to do. Often corps will ICE HQ and Archives first against Omar, meaning you can get free RND pokes to start powering Brain Chip and build up for your HQ pressure. This thinning of ICE also helps Sucker farming.

15 Sep 2017 EmJayBee83

@moistloaf Yeah, I figured the install cost of HQI was the reason. I wonder how many credits NAT will end up costing you trashing stuff you wouldn't normally trash. Agreed on the Bookmarks. Thanks for the reply.