Upgrade: Region • Rez: 0 • Trash: 5 • Influence: 1

Install only in the root of HQ or R&D.

Whenever the Runner accesses cards from this server, he or she accesses 3 additional cards. After accessing, gain 2credit for each card accessed. This applies even during the run on which the Runner trashes Mwanza City Grid.

Limit 1 region per server.

Jinteki • Yog Joshi • Whispers in Nalubaale 96
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Mwanza City Grid
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  • ANCUR UFAQ 23 [Michael Boggs]

    If the Runner trashes any of the accessed cards, does the Corp still gain 2 for each of the trashed cards?

    Yes. The trashed cards were still accessed, even though they are no longer in the server.

    Can accessing Mwanza City Grid count as one of the additional accesses from its own ability?

    No. Upgrades are installed in the root of a central server, not in the central server itself.

    Does the Corp gain 2 for each upgrade installed in the root of R&D or HQ as well as for each of the cards accessed from the central server itself?

    Yes. While the first part of Mwanza City Grid's ability gives additional access from the server itself, the second part counts all cards accessed during that access phase, including Mwanza City Grid itself and other upgrades in the server's root.

    How many times does NASX meet its trigger condition from the credit gain of Mwanza City Grid's ability?

    Once. Mwanza City Grid counts the accesses, then gives the Corp the appropriate number of credits all at once, after the access phase is completed.

    What happens if Mwanza City Grid becomes installed in the root of Archives, for example by using Metamorph?

    The Runner already accesses all cards from Archives, so the ability granting additional accesses does not change anything. However, the Corp will gain 2 for each card in Archives and the root of Archives that the Runner accessed.

    So what happens if Mwanza City Grid becomes installed in a remote server?

    Like with Archives, the Runner already accesses all cards installed in a remote server. No additional accesses are made, but the Corp gains 2 for each cards accessed from the server.

    Okay, but what if the Corp is playing Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon?

    Gagarin does not change anything about the functionality of Mwanza. The Runner must pay 1 for each card in the remote server that they wish to access. After accessing is over, the Corp gains 2 for each card the Runner paid to access.


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