Program • Install: 3 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 1


Use these credits to pay for using programs.

Bioroids have two brains running in parallel, each capable of running sophisticated programming. There are certain advantages to the setup.
Adam • Lili Ibrahim • Data and Destiny 40
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I love this card - for 1 influence and 1, you can have some extremely versatile recurring credits available to you. Not only can you use them to pay for icebreakers, but you can get some non-icebreaking utility out of your money as well:

  • Pay for using Self-modifying Code
  • Pay to place power counters on an Atman when you install it
  • Pay to tutor out a Virus program with Djinn (and host the Multithreader on Djinn)
  • Pay to increase the strength Study Guide

Obviously, "only" 1 is a pretty big drawback when compared with its little brother Cyberfeeder, but there are some means of mitigating this drawback:

  • Shapers seem most naturally suited to using these as they have cheap Memory programs and have all the tools to reward them for finding/installing programs anyway: Leprechaun,Akamatsu Mem Chip, CyberSolutions Mem Chip. Additionally, programs like ZU.13 Key Master can help to reduce your memory constraint if you're running with an excess of .

  • Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist introduces breakers that have an effective 0 cost if used with 2 , leaving her with a ton of room for extraneous programs. With her console, you could have all 3 of these programs out plus your breakers and STILL get the drip from Data Folding.

Final note - I love referential art, and Multithreader depicts a virtual avatar of Adam: Compulsive Hacker utilizing four programs - Knight, Overmind, Self-modifying Code and Passport.

(Data and Destiny era)
His four arms are also similar to Sage - another icebreaker that needs 2 credits to use. Sage also plays nicely with Adam's console: Brain Chip. —
More pay for using (non standard icebreaker) options: Net Shield, Surfer, Savoir-faire, LLDS Energy Regulator, Bug, Femme Fatale bypass, Darwin counter —